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At New Renaissance Bookshop, we offer a wide selection of quality Energy Healing & Readings done by some of the most caring, intuitive, & talented energy healers  in Portland.  

Autumn Edwards, Energy Readings & Psychic Counselor *Phone* Sessions

To Schedule a Session, Click Here or Call Autumn at 503-709-6226 

$120/50 min. or $80/20 min.

Autumn Edwards uses a process to bring through universal energy for spiritual healing or psychic readings, aligning her energetic field to open as a channel. What a client can expect to receive is a description and identification of energetic blockages. Experience profound spiritual healing as she directs an energetically stimulated response to establish balance in your energy body. She can provide information about the present/past/potential future, give answers to specific questions and spiritual guidance through uncertain life circumstances. Melding multiple traditions from shamanism to alchemy into a unique practice, Autumn Edwards has been an established energy reader, and psychic for nearly a decade. In addition to one-on-one work Autumn hosts group meetings to teach others to connect with Spirit. Her commitment of service empowers people so that they may live a life of bliss. A digital recording of the session will be provided.

Fiona Yun, Clairvoyant Readings and Energy Healing & Clearings *Phone or Zoom Sessions*

To Schedule a Session, Please Click Here

$115/hr., $65/half hr. or $35/15 min.

Experience a deep look into your soul and a beautiful hello from your spirit. Fiona looks into the layers of your aura to see what energy is influencing you right now and what’s ready to clear. A past life may be lit up to read, ready to resolve its karma and give you deeper insight to what’s going on in your life, helping move you forward in unexpected ways. Come with questions, or just to see what’s working for you and what isn’t. Fiona’s readings are informative, pure, and healing, and gently move out energy that is keeping you from seeing your truest self in all your beauty.  Fiona Yun is a clairvoyant, energy healer, and graduate student of Portland Psychic School, where she has cultivated her natural psychic gifts. She sees clients in person in NW Portland and online.

Gabi Schoening, Intuitive Healings, Psychic Readings & Energy Work *Phone Sessions*

To Schedule a Session, Please Call Gabi at 971-251-0477

$180/90 min., $120/hr. or $60/half hr.

Gabi Schoening is a Master Energy worker. Guided by her intuition and experience she will help you understand the patterns in your life and remove energetic blocks. Often, these obstacles are family patterns, old traumas and unconscious beliefs, thoughts or fears. Removing these blocks will encourage healing and wellness even at the quantum level. As a result you will feel a difference in your energy, emotions and approach to your life, relationships and health. Gabi Schoening has taught many workshops on consciounsess. She lived in Kauai, Hawaii, “the temple of the earth”, where she facilitated groups for powerful quantum transformations.

Kelly Lynn Glab, Reiki Energy Healings *Phone Readings*

To Schedule a Remote Reading Please Email or Call Kelly at or (443)995-8798

$175/90 min., $125/hr. or $65/half hr. 

Reiki is a Japanese healing system in which life force energy is directed through the hands to various points on or within the body in order to rejuvenate, heal, align, harmonize, and restore balance. Usui Reiki practitioner Kelly Lynn Glab acts as a channel for this healing energy, offering it to her clients for their highest potential and wellbeing. Reiki sessions with Kelly bring balance to one’s being on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels, remove blocks, and heal imbalances at their core. Clients leave Kelly’s Reiki healings feeling centered, peaceful, affirmed in their life tasks, and with increased connection and self-knowledge. Kelly Lynn Glab, M.S., RMT holds a Master’s degree in Human Resources Development and a B.S. in Psychology. She is a Reiki Master who graduated from the only Certified Reiki Training Program in WA State, studying under Eileen Dey.

Lori Seeborg, Psychic, Energy Healing, & Oracle Card Reading *Phone Sessions*

To Request a Phone Session, Click Here

$105/hr. or $60/half hr. 

Are you longing to reconnect with your wisdom, return to your most playful way of living, and hear your soul’s guidance? Lori’s intuitive and restorative healing work empowers you to fully embody your truth, access your soul’s encoded healing, and enter the life you may have been resisting. Sessions with Lori can feel playful and light while simultaneously peering through what may seem dense or dark. The process aligns you with your inner power, strength, clarity and loving self-acceptance. Lori compassionately provides you with the messages or tools that will assist you in navigating life’s challenges with ease and building empowering relationships – with yourself and others. You are welcome to enter this safe, relaxing and enjoyable space with a shared intention for creating a flourishing life.  Lori Seeborg is a trained and experienced Hypnotherapist, NLP Facilitator, Reiki Master, and Wedding Officiant. Her intuitive practice utilizes her psychic gifts, healing voice, empathic ability, and mystic tools such as Oracle cards and crystals.

Luis Navarrete, Matrix Energetics Healing *Phone or Zoom* Sessions

To Schedule a Session, Please Call Luis at 541-326-5738 or Email

$95/hr. or $50/half hr.

We’re more than this physical body. We’re energy in constant movement, experiencing itself as joy, pain, chaos, clarity, abundance, or restriction. Because energy never stops, it can be transformed – physical pain into healing and chaos into peace. Energy healing is just that – the opportunity to transform our current reality into something different, at all levels – physical, emotional, spiritual and cosmic. Luis Navarrete is a gifted and empathetic seer with a mission to heal. His work is all about transforming and relieving emotional, physical, mental and/or spiritual pain. Certified as a Matrix Energetics practitioner, Luis channels high-frequency energies from his guides and Source to empower clients to release old patterns and begin to step into who they truly are. *Sesions están disponsibles en inglés o español!​

Michael Sheehan, Tarot Readings & Energy Healing

$125/hr. or $65/half hr.

Tarot Readings: Michael will give you the most useful and powerful information that Spirit wants you to have in this moment of your life. Whether you are looking for love, money, health, or direction, Michael believes you have the power to achieve any goal you have set for yourself. He will help you to understand your power and use it more effectively, release blockages, and gain new insights into your life, your current situation, and the possible paths before you.

Energy Healing: There is an invisible energy that flows through and around your body. Any disturbance, blockage or leak in your energy system can manifest as a health problem, relationship difficulty or money trouble. Michael’s energy healings can release unhealthy cords that drain your energy, remove residual effects of past traumas that block your progress and clear away various unwanted energies that can lodge in one's system. Every Energy Healing session includes a chakra tune-up, aura cleanse, and special energy turbo-charge. Chakras are the energy hubs of the body. Chakras can get dirty, blocked, out of balance, misaligned, enlarged and disconnected. A regular cleaning and tune-up is good maintenance of your physical vehicle. Enjoy restored vitality, a feeling of greater integration and more conscious connection to the Source.


Michael Sheehan is a true metaphysician whose deep understanding of the connection between our thoughts and our experiences can guide you in any situation. Michael's broad education and experience include shamanism, mysticism, clairvoyance, metaphysics, eastern and western philosophy, world religions, astrology, numerology, energy healing and 35 years experience as a Tarot Reader and Energy Healer.

Raina Imig, Shamanic Healing Sessions

$95/hr. or $55/half hr.

Bring your questions and your sacred intention, and Raina will share her skills and compassion with you. In a shamanic state of consciousness, Raina will see images and hear messages highlighting your current situation. Guided by her Teacher and Allies, she chooses from a great variety of powerful shamanic methods proven to offer healing. These may include: energetic clearing, cord cutting, past life resetting, mediumship, connecting with wise ancestors, filling with light, or soul retrieval. Your highest good is served by the remedies best suited for you, discovered by journeying across time and space. Transformation of past patterns is the result, freeing you to develop your gifts and create the future that is in your heart. Integrating this healing brings you increased energy, peace, clarity of purpose, and joy, with your health and your relationships to others, to life purpose, and to Self, enhanced.  Born and raised in India, Raina is a lifelong devotee of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother. A Portlander for most of her life, an artist and a born intuitive and medium, she has many years of formal training and successful practice in Reiki and shamanic healing. She teaches workshops and courses in practical spiritual development. Sessions with Raina are both accurate as well as effective, leaving your spirit uplifted and your prospects divinely aligned.

Robin Friedman, Energy Sessions & Heart Wall Clearing *Phone or Zoom Sessions*

To Schedule a Session, Click Here!

$110/hr., $55/half hr., or $30/15 min.

What do you long for that isn’t expressing in your life? The fact that you want it shows that it is possible for you — it’s “on your radar” — and the fact that you aren’t experiencing it yet may point to blocks in the way. These energetic blocks can be trapped emotions or limiting beliefs that we absorbed and have been programmed with. As you clear these, watch as your life on the outside absolutely begins to reflect those inner changes. With Robin Friedman, Integrative Energy Practitioner, we will use muscle testing to quickly identify and release these blocks. These can sometimes can show up as a “Heart-Wall”, a layer of protection formed after emotional pain or distress. As we clear these walls and blocks, it can feel like the sun is shining in again, with fresh air for us to breathe. Robin also offers Goal Alignment Sessions to assess how aligned and in-tune your subconscious beliefs and energy system are with achieving your goals – be they health, emotional or financial – and determine what needs to clear. You will also receive a before and after Alignment Reading. If you are only 21% aligned with your goal or intention it will probably be a struggle to manifest, whereas if you are 97% aligned it will happen naturally and easily.  Robin Friedman is an Integrative Energy Practitioner who shares energy tools such as Emotion Code/Body Code, muscle testing, EFT, and Eden Energy Medicine for others to experience greater health, happiness, and spiritual connection.

Theresa Carmody, Elemental Journeys *Phone* Readings

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To book a remote session with Theresa, please call or email her at 503-382-7843 or

$150/hr. or $75/half hr.

Theresa is a witch in the Celtic tradition, practicing a blend of elemental magic and Celtic shamanism. She observes the cyclical rhythms of nature by walking the wheel of the year. Using shamanic journey practices she is able to access information from different states of consciousness. Theresa is also a licensed therapist with training in the energetic systems of relationship: with one’s self; in human interactions; and with the environment. As an empath she tunes in to your energy offering readings that connect you with your own, deep wisdom. Theresa offers practical guidance for staying centered in that deep wisdom to empower choices and actions that more truly reflect your authentic self.  Theresa Carmody has been practicing transformational healing methods for over 25 years.

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