At New Renaissance Bookshop, we offer a wide selection of quality Energy Healing & Readings done by some of the most caring, intuitive, & talented energy healers  in Portland.  

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Anaiya B Tianne, Reiki & Intuitive Guidance

Feb. 8, Mar. 27

$120/hr or $60/half hr.

Reiki practitioner and intuitive guide Anaiya is a natural teacher. She works through the heart, using a unique combination of Usui Reiki, energetic movement, shamanic practices, alchemy and intuitive readings to help bring you to peace, joy, wholeness, and alignment with your Soul, or True Self. Anaiya believes that we are all Masters within ourselves, that we each hold all required knowledge, powerful gifts, healing, wisdom and information within. Her intention in offering her services is based upon this belief, offering support, counsel and loving guidance for self-mastery. By tuning to fields within limitless possibility, Anaiya offers inspiration for others to expand their conscious awareness, evolve further into highest ways of Be-ing, receive liberation, and create shifts into unity and peace. Leave feeling supported, rejuvenated (invigorated or relaxed, or both, depending upon your needs!) with a nice energy boost. Encouragement, love, intuitive counsel, clarity, light, compassion, comfort, and aid to self-empowerment are some of the gifts clients receive from sessions with Anaiya.

Autumn Edwards, Energy Readings & Psychic Counselor Sessions

Mar. 19

$120/50 min. or $80/20 min.

Autumn Edwards uses a process to bring through universal energy for spiritual healing or psychic readings, aligning her energetic field to open as a channel. What a client can expect to receive is a description and identification of energetic blockages. Experience profound spiritual healing as she directs an energetically stimulated response to establish balance in your energy body. She can provide information about the present/past/potential future, give answers to specific questions and spiritual guidance through uncertain life circumstances. Melding multiple traditions from shamanism to alchemy into a unique practice, Autumn Edwards has been an established energy reader, and psychic for nearly a decade. In addition to one-on-one work Autumn hosts group meetings to teach others to connect with Spirit. Her commitment of service empowers people so that they may live a life of bliss. A digital recording of the session will be provided.

Gabi Schoening, Intuitive Healings, Psychic reading and Energy Work

Feb. 9, 11, 18, Mar. 22, 24, 31

$180/90 min., $120/hr. or $60/half hr.

Gabi Schoening is a Master Energy worker. Guided by her intuition and experience she will help you understand the patterns in your life and remove energetic blocks. Often, these obstacles are family patterns, old traumas and unconscious beliefs, thoughts or fears. Removing these blocks will encourage healing and wellness even at the quantum level. As a result you will feel a difference in your energy, emotions and approach to your life, relationships and health. Gabi Schoening has taught many workshops on consciounsess. She lived in Kauai, Hawaii, “the temple of the earth”, where she facilitated groups for powerful quantum transformations.

Katalin Jett Koda, Intuitive Tarot & Light Body Energy Readings

Feb. 22, 28, Mar. 14, 29

$100/hr. or $60/half hr.  

Katalin offers intuitive Tarot and Arcturian light body readings to provide support on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. Katalin’s Intuitive Tarot Readings provide clear reflections of your life path in the symbolic and archetypal images of the Tarot. Through them, Katalin offers her intuitive guidance and facilitates a co-created dialogue to support your discovery of how these themes express in relationships, work, career, health and spiritual matters. Arcturian Light Body Readings consist of reading your energy field, chakras and aura. Deep healing of the nervous system is brought about through neural repatterning and the clearing of karmic patterns and ancestral trauma. You will have the opportunity to set intentions, as well as ask questions and receive answers about your health, life path, relationships and spiritual concerns. Arcturians are multidimensional star beings that offer an energetic space of unconditional love to assist in the reset of your life and anchoring the light body. You can book a Tarot reading or a Light Body Energy Reading with Katalin.  Katalin Koda is a visionary author, storyteller, poet, ceremonialist and intuitive healer. She has been connected to the non-human worlds and liminal or threshold spaces since she was a child. Inspired by her grandmother’s Hungarian lineage and mentored by a variety of teachers she offers readings to support your life journey.

Luis Navarrete, Matrix Energetics Sessions

Luis Navarrete, Matrix Energetics Healing Sessions

Feb. 4, 6, 10, Mar. 10, 17, 24

$95/hr. or $50/half hr.

We’re more than this physical body. We’re energy in constant movement, experiencing itself as joy, pain, chaos, clarity, abundance, or restriction. Because energy never stops, it can be transformed – physical pain into healing and chaos into peace. Energy healing is just that – the opportunity to transform our current reality into something different, at all levels – physical, emotional, spiritual and cosmic. *Sesions están disponsibles en inglés o español!​  Luis Navarrete is a gifted and empathetic seer with a mission to heal. His work is all about transforming and relieving emotional, physical, mental and/or spiritual pain. Certified as a Matrix Energetics practitioner, Luis channels high-frequency energies from his guides and Source to empower clients to release old patterns and begin to step into who they truly are. *Readings available in both English and Spanish!

Theresa Carmody, Elemental Journeys Readings

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Feb. 3, 21, 29, Mar. 9, 20, 28

$150/hr. or $75/half hr.

Theresa is a witch in the Celtic tradition, practicing a blend of elemental magic and Celtic shamanism. She observes the cyclical rhythms of nature by walking the wheel of the year. Using shamanic journey practices she is able to access information from different states of consciousness. Theresa is also a licensed therapist with training in the energetic systems of relationship: with one’s self; in human interactions; and with the environment. As an empath she tunes in to your energy offering readings that connect you with your own, deep wisdom. Theresa offers practical guidance for staying centered in that deep wisdom to empower choices and actions that more truly reflect your authentic self.  Theresa Carmody has been practicing transformational healing methods for over 25 years.

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