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Facebook Live and Instagram Live Meditation Gathering

John Gladen, Every Tuesday, 5:30-6:15PM Pacific Time, FREE!

New Renaissance is sponsoring a online meditation group every week to provide a supportive environment to enliven and enrich your practice. Recharge in a virtual gathering of joy and peace with like-minded people.  


John Gladen is a buyer at New Renaissance, and has been meditating for over 12 years. 


Zoom Event! Establish Your Nourishing Foundation through Grounding

Sunday, October 24, 10–11:30am, $25

Have you ever wanted to be more grounded, but didn’t know what to do in your energetic body to get there? In this class, you will get to know your “grounding cord” and learn a technique you can practice daily to help you receive the nourishing and stabilizing energies of Mother Earth. We will explore what grounding is and why it is important to your health. This class is particularly helpful for those who experience anxiety, headaches, and daily feelings of overwhelm. We will also look at why it is essential for empaths to ground and how grounding naturally opens your intuition. You will also be guided in a meditation to release wounds from the root chakra, which governs finances, physical health, community, and a sense of safety. I will also ask the spirit guides and angels to come in and offer their healing and words of wisdom. If you have Vetiver and Black Spruce essential oils, please have them handy. They are not necessary for the class; I will teach you how to use these beautiful oils in your daily life to help you ground.


Tuan Anh Nguyen received her training from Healing Touch and the Barbara Brennan School of Healing. She was born with the gifts of a healer: exquisite sensitivity, intuition, and the ability to act as a powerful channel. She uses her gifts, along with time-tested techniques, in a heart-centered and intentional way to help her clients heal and remember their Divine nature. She has been in practice for 17 years. You can learn more at

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Zoom Event! Shaman’s Journey and Art:  Three Part Series

Series Tuition:  $175 for all Three Sessions

Part One “Shamanic Journey” Sunday, November 7, 10am-12:00pm noon PST

Part Two “Power Animal” Saturday, November 20, 10am-12:00pm noon PST

Part Three “Soul Retrieval” Saturday, December 4, 10am-12:00pm noon PST

Is your soul ready to heal? Is it time to take your power back? In this three-part course, you will have a rare opportunity to experience three deep and powerful classic Shamanic journeys. From the Shaman’s perspective, fatigue, illness, depression, spiritual confusion and loss of abundance are symptoms of spiritual problems in the subtle realms—over time they can become physical. There are two major reasons for this: soul loss from past trauma and disconnection with spiritual guidance or a “Power Animal.” The Shaman’s solution is to help you collect & assimilate your lost soul fragments and find & reconnect with your Power Animal & guides.

The Shamanic journey is a remarkable visionary method for entering an alternate reality with guidance & intention. Using classic drumming techniques to access your higher consciousness, you will be introduced to the Shamanic journey to awaken your soul and dormant spiritual power. Travel outside of time and space into non-ordinary reality and make contact with compassionate helping spirits, such as teachers and power animals, for personal wisdom, healing and to gain knowledge to help create a better world.

Is now the time for self-healing? In this course you will have an opportunity to document your journeys with art & writing, as well as sharing your experience with fellow travelers.

This is not a substitute for licensed professional medical treatment.

Each class builds on itself, each class will be recorded and on Zoom. 

Jane de Forest is known for the integrity, humor, talent, and sensitivity she brings to the sessions that leave her clients feeling inspired, supported, and seen. She studied at The Rhode Island School of Design, with Lakota & plant medicine Shamans, Buddhist meditation teachers, and Jean Huston’s Mystery School. Jane has journeyed to sacred sites in Peru, Bali & Egypt. Her book Love Never Dies has won three awards and is translated into three languages.

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Zoom Event! Radical Loving's Spirit Quest Workshop with Rabbi Wayne Dosick

Rabbi Wayne Dosick, Sunday, March 6, 1-3PM Pacific Time, $35

Everything we need to be the loving, holy people we want to be is right within us.

Yet, sometimes, in the chaos and tumult of our current world, our precious soul-spark gets lost or goes into hiding. We yearn to rekindle that life-passion, and to flourish and rejoice in the delicious juicyness of Being.  Radical Loving’s Spirit Quest Workshop invites you to journey deep within your mind and heart to touch your Spirit-filled GodSelf. It offers you pathways to affirm your life-mission and purpose; to enhance your sense of Self, enrich your relationships, and feel true soul-satisfaction. It shows the way to design your personal blueprint toward evolution and transform through Radical Loving and Awesome Holiness. Spirit Quest is a celebration of you!

Come on the Journey.  Join in the Quest.


Rabbi Wayne Dosick, PhD. is a writer, speaker, spiritual guide and healer, who teaches and counsels about faith and spirit, ethical values, life transformations, and evolving human consciousness.  He is the founder and Rabbi of The Elijah Minyan in San Diego, California.  He is a best-selling and award-winning author of nine critically acclaimed books, including the now-classic Living Judaism, and the more recent The Real Name of God: Embracing the Full Essence of the Divine. Articles about Rabbi Dosick and his books have appeared in more than 100 newspapers and periodicals, and he has been interviewed on more than 300 radio and television shows, including “Good Morning America,” the “Larry King Show,” CNN, and NPR.  Rabbi Dosick is the recipient of honorary Doctor of Divinity degrees from both the Hebrew Union College and the Jewish Theological Seminary.  He has been called a “rational intellect with the soul of a mystic", a “prophet for modern times,” and a “gentle master of the human heart.” He also was described as “one of the most gifted teachers of our generation, who understands the mindset, needs, and yearnings of people, and responds to this intellectual and inner searching in peerless fashion,” Rabbi Dosick has been proclaimed “a spiritual master of our time.”

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Zoom Event! Heaven and Your Spiritual Evolution Workshop:
A Journey Through the Afterlife and Reaching Your Highest Potential


Conducted by Award-winning Author and Teacher Dimitri Moraitis

Friday, November 5, 7-8:30PM, $20

Join us in a celebration book launch workshop! Spiritual teacher and author Dimitri Moraitis takes you on an extraordinary journey through the many dimensions that exist in the world of Spirit. Discover how spiritual growth is the process of evolving through the many inner realms of life, what the road to heaven looks like, and how it is the destiny of every soul to reach the spiritual pinnacle. Based on Barbara Martin’s fifty years of clairvoyant experience.  Learn effective meditations with Divine Light to increase your connection to the heaven worlds, unlock your creative potential, and accelerate your spiritual unfoldment. 



  • How you don’t go to Heaven but grow to Heaven.

  • What life is like in the various spiritual realms including the astral, mental, causal, and etheric as well as the heavenly dimensions.

  • Practical guidelines and meditative exercises to better align with your spiritual growth and the incredible divine plan you are part of.

  • How to enhance the spiritual development processes that go on while you sleep.

Dimitri Moraitis is cofounder and co-spiritual director of the renowned Spiritual Arts Institute. An accomplished metaphysical teacher, Dimitri has lectured across the country, appeared on numerous radio shows and leads workshops and training classes offered at the Institute with Barbara Martin. Martin and Moraitis are coauthors of the international bestseller Change Your Aura, Change Your Life, Communing with the Divine, Karma and Reincarnation, and the highly acclaimed The Healing Power of Your Aura.

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Zoom Event! Planetary Shifts of 2022 with Mark Dodich

Friday, January 7, 2022, 6:30 - 8:30PM Pacific Time, $25

Opening to a new vision and taking action to get there.  Join us for Mark’s most popular talk of the year. Spiritual destiny points shift into Taurus and Scorpio to help you manifest your values and desires. The restlessness of the Nodes of the Moon in Gemini and Sagittarius move from ideas to making choices and taking action. Esoterically, this next 1 ½ year teaches us to live in our center in spite of external world chaos.  Abundance planet Jupiter helps you open to a higher vision for your life and then pushes you into action. He moves between ending represented by the last sign of the zodiac, Pisces, and pioneering a new path in Aries.  Death and Rebirth Pluto returns to home base in the birth chart of the USA, a major event that occurs only every 248 years. Choices are being made about what kind of country the USA will be, setting us up for higher ideals or stuck in the past stubbornness. If you thought the world was settling back to normal, think again.  On a personal level, Pluto is quickly coming to an end of its run in Capricorn which started in 2008, and preparing to move into Aquarius iin 2024.

Mark F. Dodich has provided Astrology and Intuitive Consultations internationally since 1980. Mark holds a C.A.P. (Certified Astrological Professional) from ISAR (International Society of Astrological Research). He is past president of the Oregon Astrological Association and publishes the Astromark newsletter. Since leaving the corporate world of industrial sales to do astrology full time in 1995, he has published hundreds of articles and is regularly heard on the radio, seen on television, and speaks at conferences and metaphysical venues.  To learn more visit: AstroMark.US