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Facebook Live and Instagram Live Meditation Gathering

John Gladen, Every Wednesday, 5:30-6:15PM Pacific Time, FREE!

New Renaissance is sponsoring a online meditation group every week to provide a supportive environment to enliven and enrich your practice. Recharge in a virtual gathering of joy and peace with like-minded people.  


John Gladen is a buyer at New Renaissance, and has been meditating for over 12 years. 

Event Postponed! Crystal Intentions Practices for Manifesting Wellness

Araminta Star-Matthews, Event Postponed! Stay Tuned for New Date 

If you have already signed up, we will email you once event is rescheduled.

Join Araminta Matthews, Co-Author of Crystal Intentions: Practices for Manifesting Wellness, for a book-reading and wellness event on April 9, online through video-conferencing. Araminta is a writer, artist, and energy healer in Maine, where she is also the Associate Dean of Graduate and Professional Studies at Maine College of Art and a creative writing instructor at the University of Maine at Presque Isle. She will read to you from her book, co-authored with energy healer, The Lune Innate, and take you through a short, guided meditation. You are encouraged to have on hand a cleared quartz crystal (cleared through earthing, moon or sun bathing, or misting) that we will charge with intention during this session. Learn about the historical and contemporary uses of crystals in healing practices and develop a practice for bringing crystals into your routines of self-care and personal wellbeing.

Zoom Event! The Awe Factor: How a Little Bit of Wonder Can Make a Big Difference in Your Life

Allen Klein, Tuesday, April 20, 5:00pm Pacific Time, Free!

 Bestselling author and TEDx presenter, Allen Klein, helps spread happiness wherever he goes. Additionally, Allen is the world's only "Jollytologist." In this role, he spreads joy wherever he goes. After the year of 2020, we deserve a little more jolly in our lives!  Join him and learn about his new book, The Awe Factor.

With a sprinkling of the spiritual and scientific, The Awe Factor, takes readers on an exploration of a human phenomenon. From research to first-hand awe-inspiring stories, Allen reflects on feelings of awe, meaning and purpose. He also offers bonus awe-awakening tools, tips, and techniques, as he helps readers become more aware of, and increase, the awe and wonder in their life. Allen explains (& proves!) that feeling awe can increase happiness, compassion and lower stress levels.

Zoom Event!  Planting By The Moon: Empower Your Garden and Yourself

Jane de Forest, Sunday, April 22, 7-8pm Pacific Time, Free!
In order to improve your garden’s yield and health there is an ancient system that is governed by the cycles and astrological signs of the moon. The Earth’s gravitational field is effected by the moon’s phases, we see that in the high tides during the full moon, that also effects how seeds grow. You will learn what & when to plant, harvest and how to have fun making gardening a spiritual practice. Join Jane de Forest for an intriguing presentation and learn to cultivate an abundant garden in all four phases.

Jane de Forest is known for the integrity, humor, talent, and sensitivity she brings to the sessions that leave her clients feeling inspired, supported, and seen. She studied at The Rhode Island School of Design, with Lakota & plant medicine Shamans, Buddhist meditation teachers, and Jean Huston’s Mystery School. Jane has journeyed to sacred sites in Peru, Bali & Egypt. Her book Love Never Dies has won three awards and is translated into three languages.

Zoom Event! Spring Emotional Healing Workshop: Supportive Ways for Transitions

Andrea Firpo, Monday, April 26, 7PM Pacific Time, $20

Are you ready to make more space for growth and spiritual wisdom? Join me for some soul spring cleaning for body + mind + spirit. During our time together, we will explore emotional aromatherapy, phytotherapy, crystal healing, and intuitive meditation in order to help heal our despair, overwhelm and bewilderment. You'll personally experience the transformative and incredible healing attributes of these simple, yet powerful techniques which help to regulate your emotions and nervous system. Leave feeling supported, calm and at ease by incorporating these practices into everything you do.

Andrea Firpo, is a Psychic Cheerleader, author, healer and podcaster who is focused on soul liberation and embodiment. Combining her psychic and intuitive abilities with her educational background of trauma psychology, she connects women to their own inner wisdom and self-love. By bringing awareness in the body, mind, and spirit around the deep conditioning of emotional trauma, Andrea identifies underlying patterns that undermine her clients’ self-worth. Through simple yet powerful healing tools, Andrea empowers her clients to achieve energetic balance through healthy boundaries, promoting incredible paradigm shifts in their lives.

Zoom Event! Lunar Phases and You 

Vanessa Couto, Wednesday, April 28, 6-8pm Pacific Time, $20

The Moon has held our human fascination for eons. More recently, we've seen a proliferation of lunar calendars, books and journals. The Lunar Phases are the cosmic dance of the Sun and Moon played out in the skies. But more than that, the Lunar Phases reveal to us how things unfold in our lives. In this class, we’ll explore what each Lunar Phase means, how we can honor this time in our lives, and what it means when we’re born under such a phase. Understanding this information will help you apply the process of the Lunar Phases in your life and work.

Vanessa Couto is an archetypal astrologer, teacher, and artist. She helps creatives and mystics who want to gain clarity on how to align their soul’s calling with a more fulfilling livelihood. She believes we each are born as an answer to a question of our times, and it’s our time to step up to the plate. Through weaving astrology, myth, and depth psychology, Vanessa helps her clients see the path ahead from a broader perspective, so they can move forward with clarity and confidence.

Zoom Event! Hiring the Heavens: How to Get Universal Assistance

Robin Friedman, Thursday, April 29, 4-5:15PM, Pacific Time, $20

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by too many seemingly impossible tasks? Wouldn't it be great if everything just worked out easily?  Years ago, a mentor of Robin Friedman's told her about the book, Hiring the Heavens by Jean Slatter. The author tells her story of how she discovered amazing help in the universe. Now Robin hires 'angels' for every task - spiritual jewelry sleuth for lost jewelry, spiritual remodeling help when she needs home repairs, spiritual marketers when she is working on her business. Robin started a file last year on her computer, and looking over it, she is stunned at how much has worked out, so seemingly easily and naturally. 


(Please note you don't have to believe in 'angels', this may be just tapping into the great super consciousness, your own subconscious, etc. - it is not religious, just acknowledging that there is more than our own small conscious minds.)

Each one of us has a life purpose, yet it is easy to get off-track, or side-tracked by all that's going on in our life, especially since we have blinders on. If we ask for assistance, miraculous-seeming events open up. And what is on our life plan is what brings us the most joy.  Tonight we will learn both simple, and more involved ways to 'call in assistance' and I will be giving you a pdf that you can use in the future to make your life much easier and more joyful. There is power and good energy in a group!  You will also receive a handout, which can be used for years to come (as some have told me they do!) . This meeting will take place by Zoom, from the privacy of your own home. If you cannot make it, Robin will send you the recording and the pdf.

Robin Friedman is an Integrative Energy Practitioner who shares energy tools such as Emotion Code/Body Code, muscle testing, EFT, and Eden Energy Medicine for others to experience greater health, happiness, and spiritual connection.

Zoom Workshop! The Change Code: Conscious Co-Creation of the Global Paradigm Shift

Monica Bourgeau, Sunday May 2, 1-3PM Pacific Time, $29

We’re in the midst of a major shift in consciousness.  You may actually be experiencing this change in your own life accompanied by a strong feeling that you’re called to do something more to embody a higher purpose. It’s true: now is your time and now more than ever you are needed.  


As humanity transitions from one developmental layer in our evolution to the next we feel the tension between them. Like the earth’s tectonic plates rubbing together over time finally enough friction is created to shake and move mountains reshaping the landscape.  That is exactly what is happening today. Humans view the world through the lenses of their own value systems. As new value systems emerge they clash with the previous ones causing friction and resulting in the extreme polarization conflict and chaos we’ve been seeing on the planet. And it turns out this was all predictable and even necessary.  


Drawing from the work of Clare W. Graves and Spiral Dynamics, author Monica Bourgeau shares insights from her bestselling book The Change Code. She’ll provide an overview of these developmental layers why they’re causing so much friction and tension in our society and how this is part of the normal evolutionary process. Monica will also share specific steps we can take to make this transformational shift a little less rocky – for ourselves and others.  Just like humanity’s transition from hunter/gatherer to farmer and again from an agrarian society to an industrial one we are now inevitably transitioning into a new era.  But how we do it is our choice.  The future depends on how we choose to respond today.

Monica Bourgeau is the author of The Change Code: A Practical Guide to Making a Difference in a Polarized World. Monica is passionate about shining a light into the future and helping visionary leaders spark transformation and step powerfully into the new paradigm of business and society.

Learn more at and

Zoom Event! Crystal Power: 12 Essential Crystals for Health & Healing Mini Workshop

with Kac Young PhD, ND, DCH, Sunday, May 9, 4-5PM Pacific Time, Free!

Are you a crystal lover? Have you been buying them for their beauty but now you want to know more? Are you a novice and curious about what crystals can do for you? If you ever wondered about crystals, what they are, and what they do, then this workshop is for you. If you already know about crystals but want to expand your healing techniques, then this workshop is for you. We will traverse a lot of crystal territory.


Crystal Power: 12 Essential Crystals for Health & Healing is written by Kac Young PhD who started out as a novice 30 years ago and is now considered one of the experts in the crystal world.

This is evergreen information. Every civilization going back 5,000 years has used crystals for healing, rituals, magic and everyday life. We can, too.


Learn from an expert about the scientific healing properties of crystals, and how you can best use them to improve your mind, body and soul. If you’re a person who thinks, “Oh they’re just pretty rocks,” then please sign up. You’ll learn about a whole new world without the woo-woo.


  • You will learn what crystals really are.

  • How crystals can help you.

  • How to select, cleanse and program crystals.

  • What crystal energy feels like.

  • How you can help yourself and others heal and balance your body with crystals.

  • How to treat them.

  • Advanced healing techniques.

  • And much, much more!


Join this wonderfully fun and informative hour with a Hollywood Producer turned healer/metaphysician and hear how all of this saved her life. Learn what crystals can do for you and walk away smarter, happier and ready to put your new crystal knowledge straight to use.




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