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Ailynn Halvorson,  Elemental and Aromatic Tarot Readings

No Upcoming Dates Currently Scheduled

$165/90 min (Includes an elemental aromatic 1/4 ounce ritual scent.)
$125/hr.  (Please note- a full numerology reading will require a minimum of 1 hour.)

$85/1/2 hr.

Ailynn is a seasoned tarot reader and was first introduced to the tarot at the age of 10 by her older sister.  Tarot has been a part of her life ever since.   Ailynn reads the cards with a special emphisis on numerology and the elemental energies that flow through the tarot.  Learning your tarot numerology will help to determine your skills, talents and challenges in this life as well as to help set you on a clear path to your future.  Learing which elements are flowing through your life and which elements may be lacking at this time can assist you in creating the magick needed for forward movement.  Ailynn is a Clinical Aromatherapist and uses her aromtherapy skills to create and call in the required or lacking elemental energies in a tarot reading through scent, teas and simple everyday ritual to assit you to move forward on your path.  Ailynn has a line of aromatherapy magical sprays as well as magical teas which can be purchased at New Renaissance Bookshop.

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Carin, Psychic Readings

Tuesday, September 20, 11:30-3pm
Tuesday, October 25, 11:30-3pm

$165/hr. or $88/half hr.

A reading with psychic clair-cognitive, Carin, is always compassionate and upbeat. She begins a reading by going into a light meditation and connecting with your energy.  She then conveys the information to you as she receives it. During a reading you will  gain insight on your life purpose as well as answers to questions regarding your past, present, and future.  Sometimes during a reading, loved ones who have passed will come to her and want to talk to you. They are able to do so only with your permission. Carin began receiving these impressions as a young child and has been reading professionally for twenty years. She owns her own business:


GABI SCHOENING, Intuitive Healings
& Psychic Readings

Friday, September 2, 11:30-4:30pm 

Saturday, September 17, 11:30-5:30pm

Sunday, October 9, 11:30-5:30pm

Sunday, October 16, 11:30-5:30pm 

$210/90 min., $150/hr. or $80/half hr.

Gabi Schoening is a Master Energy worker. Guided by her intuition and experience she will help you understand the patterns in your life and remove energetic blocks. Often, these obstacles are family patterns, old traumas and unconscious beliefs, thoughts or fears. Removing these blocks will encourage healing and wellness even at the quantum level. As a result you will feel a difference in your energy, emotions and approach to your life, relationships and health. Gabi Schoening has taught many workshops on consciousness. She lived on Kauai/Hawaii, “the temple of the earth”, for 2 years facilitating groups for powerful quantum transformations.

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JANE DE FOREST, Intuitive Art Readings and Shamanic Healing

Saturday, September 3, 11:30-4:30pm
Sunday, September 4, 11:30-4:30pm

Sunday, September 25, 11:30-4:30pm 
Sunday, October 23, 11:30-4:30pm
Sunday, October 30, 11:30-4:30pm 

$90/half hr, $162/hr., $222/1.5 hr. or $299/2 hrs.

Special Rate for Children Under 18 (Must be accompanied by an adult) $99/Hr.

Please note: Shamanic Healing Sessions Require 1 Hr. Minimum Booking

As an intuitive coach, animal communicator, and medium for 20 years, Jane has worked with personal and business clients all over the world. With her automatic drawing technique, Jane draws renderings of people and places she has never seen from the client’s life, in an original art piece for clients to keep.  In healing sessions she utilizes shamanic journeys: soul retrieval, ancestral lineage clearing, meeting your spirit guides, accessing your akashic records & past life contracts. These journeys help people move through old patterns and access valuable guidance.


Jane is known for the integrity, humor, talent, and sensitivity she brings to the sessions that leave her clients feeling inspired, supported, and seen. She studied at The Rhode Island School of Design, with Lakota & plant medicine Shamans, Buddhist meditation teachers, and Jean Huston’s Mystery School. Jane has journeyed to sacred sites in Peru, Bali & Egypt. Her book Love Never Dies has won three awards and is translated into three languages.

Please be considerate of Jane's time.  Cancellations within 24 hrs of reading date may not be refunded (except in event of emergency).

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Jane Roberts, Life Purpose Hand Analysis Readings

Friday, September 16, 11:30-4:30pm 
Sunday, September 18, 11:30-4:30pm 
Sunday, October 2, 11:30-4:30pm 
Saturday, October 29, 11:30-4:30pm 

$120/hr. or $70/half hr.

“Life’s Missing Instruction Manual” finally discovered! Are you tired of searching in all the wrong places for your unique Life Purpose? Your formula for personal and professional fulfillment is written on your body in the form of your unchangeable fingerprints. If you have the courage to discover the answer to the question “Who am I?” once and for all, come discover how your life is literally in your very own hands. This pursuit is not for the faint of heart. It’s for Truth Seekers only. Your fingerprints provide you with the most direct look into yourself of any system of self-discovery in existence today. It’s privileged information that’s both exhilarating and challenging, encouraging and exposing. Certified Hand Analyst, Jane Roberts, can guide you on your journey.


Community Reading Day with "Jane Squared" Intuitive Reader Jane de Forest
& Hand Analysis Reader Jane Roberts

No dates currently scheduled.


Hand Analysis Reader Jane Roberts Rate:  $56/Half Hr.

Intuitive Reader Jane de Forest Rate: $72/Half Hr. 

NRB’s beloved readers Jane and Jane are offering a day of community readings where you will have an opportunity to receive a 30 minute reading for 20% off !  This event will be held in the event center.  When you book, let us know which Jane you would like to see.  Please note there may be another client receiving a reading in the same room from the other Jane.  Masks and social distancing will be in place. 


For full length sessions, please see Jane and Jane’s other reading dates, times, and prices. 


Jane de Forest has been an intuitive coach, animal communicator, and medium for close to 20 years. She is known for the integrity, humor, talent, and sensitivity she brings to her sessions, which leave her clients feeling inspired, supported, and seen.  


Jane Roberts is a Certified Hand Analyst reader. She can guide you in looking at “Life’s Missing Instruction Manual”, the formula for personal and professional fulfillment written on your body in the form of your unchangeable fingerprints.


Katalin *Jett* Koda, Intuitive Tarot & Light Body Energy Readings

Thursday, September 8, 11:30-4:30pm
Thursday, September 29, 11:30-4:30pm 
Thursday, October 13, 11:30-4:30pm 
Thursday, October 27, 11:30-4:30pm 

$100/hr. or $60/half hr.  

Jett offers intuitive Tarot and Arcturian light body readings to provide support on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. Jett's Intuitive Tarot Readings provide clear reflections of your life path in the symbolic and archetypal images of the Tarot. Through them, Jett offers her intuitive guidance and facilitates a co-created dialogue to support your discovery of how these themes express in relationships, work, career, health and spiritual matters. Arcturian Light Body Readings consist of reading your energy field, chakras and aura. Deep healing of the nervous system is brought about through neural repatterning and the clearing of karmic patterns and ancestral trauma. You will have the opportunity to set intentions, as well as ask questions and receive answers about your health, life path, relationships and spiritual concerns. Arcturians are multidimensional star beings that offer an energetic space of unconditional love to assist in the reset of your life and anchoring the light body. You can book a Tarot reading or a Light Body Energy Reading with Jett.  


Katalin *Jett* Koda (she/they) is a visionary writer, Tarot reader, energy healer, Reiki Master and queer mystic. Jett has authored several books including Experience the Mystery of Tarot, Sacred Path of Reiki & Fire of the Goddess. She has been deeply intimate with the non-human liminal worlds since she was a child. After a series of health issues, she developed clairvoyant abilities that allow her to see energy fields, guides, and helper spirits. For more than two decades Jett has studied, worked with and taught the arts of healing, divination, Tarot and ceremony. She is also a social work student and hospice worker. Her client 1:1 work includes grief and loss support, multi-generational healing and ancestral lineage healing.  She works closely with the Arcturians, inter-dimensional 5D light beings, who provide assistance in healing our water body and activating our light body. She offers her gifts locally in Portland, Oregon, globally, and online. Find her at and IG: @jett.koda @tarot.mystery

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KELLLY DAVIDSON, Astrological Consultations

Friday, September 9, 11:30-4:30pm 
Tuesday, September 13, 11:30-4:30pm 
Friday, September 23, 11:30-4:30pm 
Thursday, October 6, 11:30-4:30pm 
Friday, October 14, 11:30-4:30pm 


$175/hr. or $100/half hr.

Everyone has their own individual timing based on the exact moment of their birth. You have your own personal events calendar. This calendar affects the times when doors open easily and times when, no matter how many keys you try, the door remains locked. Depending on the nature of your question, or particular challenge, Kelly will interpret the astrological influences currently affecting your life, and show you how to recognize and utilize the opportunities that are coming your way, and align yourself with planetary aspects. Kelly Davidson has been a student of Western Astrology for over 35 years and a practicing Astrologer for the last 12. She specializes in Predictive work and helping clients discover their Soul purpose. She believes that everyone came in with a Map, the birth chart, to help guide them through the mysteries of their life.

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Lori Seeborg, Psychic, Energy Healing, & Oracle Card Reading

Thursday, September 15, 11:30-4:30pm
Thursday, September 22, 11:30-4:30pm 
Tuesday, October 11, 11:30-4:30pm
Thursday, October 20, 11:30-4:30pm


$110/hr., $65/ half hr. 

Are you longing to reconnect with your wisdom, return to your most playful way of living, and hear your soul’s guidance? Lori’s intuitive and restorative healing work empowers you to fully embody your truth, access your soul’s encoded healing, and enter the life you may have been resisting. Sessions with Lori can feel playful and light while simultaneously peering through what may seem dense or dark. The process aligns you with your inner power, strength, clarity and loving self-acceptance. Lori compassionately provides you with the messages or tools that will assist you in navigating life’s challenges with ease and building empowering relationships – with yourself and others. You are welcome to enter this safe, relaxing and enjoyable space with a shared intention for creating a flourishing life.  Lori Seeborg is a trained and experienced Hypnotherapist, NLP Facilitator, Reiki Master, and Wedding Officiant. Her intuitive practice utilizes her psychic gifts, healing voice, empathic ability, and mystic tools such as Oracle cards and crystals.


Luis Navarrete, Matrix Energetics Healing Sessions

Monday, October 3 & 31, 11:30-4:30pm

$120/hr. or $60/half hr.

We’re more than this physical body. We’re energy in constant movement, experiencing itself as joy, pain, chaos, clarity, abundance, or restriction. Because energy never stops, it can be transformed – physical pain into healing and chaos into peace. Energy healing is just that – the opportunity to transform our current reality into something different, at all levels – physical, emotional, spiritual and cosmic. Luis Navarrete is a gifted and empathetic seer with a mission to heal. His work is all about transforming and relieving emotional, physical, mental and/or spiritual pain. Certified as a Matrix Energetics practitioner, Luis channels high-frequency energies from his guides and Source to empower clients to release old patterns and begin to step into who they truly are. *Sesions están disponsibles en inglés o español!​

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Mark Mezadourian, Intuitive Readings & Clearings

Sunday, September 11, 11:30-4:30pm
Monday, September 12, 11:30-4:30pm


$150/hr., $75/half hr. or $38/15 min. 

An Intuitive Reading is an opportunity to receive clear guidance about any area of your life, with the intention of making your world bigger. Mark will open a direct connection with your angels and guides, so we may receive their guidance and loving encouragement for us in this moment with clarity and ease. We will then put that information into action, as well as clear away any blocks, old beliefs and outdated patterns, creating space for you to thrive. We can engage in a variety of techniques to assist you in being your most powerful, dynamic self. Mark holds a space that is gentle, insightful, grounded, and expansive for others to move through profound and transformative experiences along the spiritual journey. Mark Mezadourian is a medium and intuitive who specializes in connecting with angels and guides. You can visit Mark’s website to download free meditations.


Michael Sheehan, Tarot Readings and Energy Healing

Monday, September 5, 11:30-4:30pm

Tuesday, September 6, 11:30-4:30pm
Tuesday, September 27, 11:30-4:30pm 
Tuesday, October 18, 11:30-4:30pm 
Monday, October 24, 11:30-4:30pm 


$125/hr. or $65/half hr.

Tarot Readings: Michael will give you the most useful and powerful information that Spirit wants you to have in this moment of your life. Whether you are looking for love, money, health, or direction, Michael believes you have the power to achieve any goal you have set for yourself. He will help you to understand your power and use it more effectively, release blockages, and gain new insights into your life, your current situation, and the possible paths before you.


Energy Healing: There is an invisible energy that flows through and around your body. Any disturbance, blockage or leak in your energy system can manifest as a health problem, relationship difficulty or money trouble. Michael’s energy healings can release unhealthy cords that drain your energy, remove residual effects of past traumas that block your progress and clear away various unwanted energies that can lodge in one's system. Every Energy Healing session includes a chakra tune-up, aura cleanse, and special energy turbo-charge. Chakras are the energy hubs of the body. Chakras can get dirty, blocked, out of balance, misaligned, enlarged and disconnected. A regular cleaning and tune-up is good maintenance of your physical vehicle. Enjoy restored vitality, a feeling of greater integration and more conscious connection to the Source.


Michael Sheehan is a true metaphysician whose deep understanding of the connection between our thoughts and our experiences can guide you in any situation. Michael's broad education and experience include shamanism, mysticism, clairvoyance, metaphysics, eastern and western philosophy, world religions, astrology, numerology, energy healing and 35 years experience as a Tarot Reader and Energy Healer.

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Nicolette Hume, Intuitive Readings

Saturday, October 1, 11:30-5:30pm 
Saturday, October 15, 11:30-5:30pm 


$150/hr. or $75/half hr (In-Person Readings)
$125 for 45-Minute Phone/Online Reading

Nicolette Hume is an American Indian Intuitive who is the granddaughter to generations of Indian Medicine Women, and has been given the gift of sight (clairvoyance) and inner knowing (claircognizant) as her way of connecting with her intuition. She is also the member Te-Moak Tribe Western Shoshone Indian Nation located in Northern Nevada. Her intuitive ability began to present itself as a young child, where she was able to see spirits or have an inner knowing about people, places and situations. She feels honored to provide intuitive guidance to people when they are faced with various life concerns.  As an intuitive, she invites you to bring your questions as this helps her to dial in more directly to your situation. At times Nicolette is also able to sense those who have passed or she is able give insight about health concerns for self and others. To learn more about Nicolette please visit:

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Robert Zakian, Transpersonal Intuitive Readings

Monday, September 19, 11:30-4:30pm 
Monday, September 26, 11:30-4:30pm 
Monday, October 17, 11:30-4:30pm
Saturday, October 22, 11:30-4:30pm 

$140/hr., $75/ half hr. or $40 for 15 min.

By aligning with your energy, Transpersonal Intuitive Robert Zakian is able to assist you in discovering your purpose, gifts, release of blockages, and much more.  Readings with Robert offer an opportunity to expand conscious awareness, transcend limitations, and have a deeper understanding of your soul's journey where love, truth, and wisdom reside. He can also attune to family members, and significant others for a better understanding of their energies and life paths.  Robert Zakian has provided Transpersonal Intuitive Readings and interactive workshops since 2001. Workshops have included, personally meeting your spirit guide, past life regression, and letting go. He has studied the teachings of Meher Baba of India and a Shaman of the Native American tradition. Join Robert for an exciting and wondrous new journey.

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Santosh LaMarche, Tarot Readings

Tuesday, October 4, 11:30-4:30pm 
Friday, October 21, 11:30-4:30pm

$95/hr., $50/half hr. or $30/15 min.

Santosh offers the guidance of the Tarot as a means to empower you in moving forward in life. Whether you are seeking clarity around the affairs of the heart, work, finances, or other areas of life, or simply wonder what your next steps may be, the Tarot provides an insightful “second opinion” that affirms the directions you are here to grow in. Santosh believes the best readings are those that encourage and confirm your own inner knowing. Santosh LaMarche has been reading the Tarot for years at East West Bookshop in Mountain View, CA and locally in Portland. He also teaches classes to groups and individuals on the Tarot, meditation and stress reduction.

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Terry McGill, Akashic Record Reading and Energy Clearing

Friday, September 30, 11:30-4:30pm
Friday, October 7, 11:30-4:30pm 
Monday, October 10, 11:30-4:30pm 
Friday, October 28, 11:30-4:30pm


150/hr., $85/half hr.

Blocked in Love, Finances, Career, or Soul Journey?  Terry McGill accesses your Akashic Records to reveal the blockages to your success in those or other areas.  He then follows highest guidance to clear the blockages as appropriate.  You can also expect to receive directions from your Guides of practical methods to move through this stage of your life. Terry McGill is an advanced teacher and healer, trained and certified by the Tao Institute and empowered to read the Akashic Records.  He is also a host on "Who's Your Neighbor!?" - the weekly Facebook Live webcast that promotes inclusivity, connection and collaboration.


Connect with Terry: