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Guidelines for New Renaissance Presenters!


Thank you so much for being a Presenter at New Renaissance Bookshop!


Our intention is for all our events to uplift, inspire, and educate the spiritual and metaphysical community of Portland.  Thank you for being a part of this vision! 




Before your event please read through the following guidelines:

Please Note:  These guidelines are for presenters who have an upcoming event scheduled with New Renaissance.  If you are looking for instructions on how to apply please click here.

1. Current Contact Info:

Very Important: Please make sure we have your correct address, phone number and e-mail address so we can keep in touch with you and, most important, get your check to you after your event.


2. Publicity For Events:

We look forward to working together with you in partnership to make your event a success. We promote your event on our website (, in our monthly in-store brochure and our weekly email Newsletter, as well as our social media platforms. While New Renaissance promotes through these various avenues, it is up to each presenter to handle additional promotion for their own events. For highest success please consider promoting your event through: your own email list, ads, articles, podcast interviews, social networking (Instagram, MeetUp), blogging, flyers posted around the Portland metro area.  When running your own promotions please make sure that all important information matches your event listing on our website: date, time, title, event description, ticketing link and price. *If you are using your own platforms to sell tickets you must notify us to discuss splitting payment.  

3. Selling Items (books, tapes, CD’s or any other items):

This is important, please read carefully. During the Zoom event, host will add links to books, decks, websites etc. in the chat box. Sales of these items will NOT be split with presenter, if it is through our website. If the links are through your site, you keep all proceeds.

If you are bringing physical things to sell at the shop, you must bring items you wish to sell at least a week prior to your  event. All items you bring to the store to sell MUST be consigned and sold through the bookshop. Please check in ALL items you bring to sell with event team, who will fill out a consignment form. Make sure we have recorded all items that were sold. Don’t forget to take all items not sold when your event is over. We 
rely on the consignment sheet to know how much to pay you for your products so please make sure it is completed before you leave. Within two weeks after your event we will send you a check for 60% of the retail price of all items sold. This amount will be included with your event payment check. Please contact event coordinator before your event if you have any questions about this policy.


4. Books:

If you have written books please let the event coordinator know at least a month in advance which ones we should have on hand for your book signing. If you have favorite books you will be referring to, whether they are your books or not, let us know so we can decide if it’s appropriate to have some on hand for customers to look at and purchase. 


5. Payment For Your Work: You receive 50% of the ticket sales, and 60% of physical consignment sales for any items you brought in-person. You can expect to receive a check for your event in the mail within two weeks after the event is complete. An updated mailing address is very important. 


6. Event Minimums: There are no minimum pre-registrations required for an event to go forward because increasingly people are spontaneously signing up the day of. We encourage all presenters to be patient and wait 24 hours before deciding to cancel event with the event coordinator.


7. Cancellation Policy: We cancel events for the following reasons: no sign ups, illness, accident, severe weather event, or family emergency.  With that said, if you absolutely do not want to follow through with your event at any point, we will cancel it. You will not be paid if the event is cancelled.


8. Mailing List: We have committed to our customers that we will not give out any of their information to anyone, so if you want to add the participants to your mailing list please request this, and we will provide this option for attendees. And, unless you give us permission, we don’t give out your information to customers.


9. Special Price Arrangements:

It is our intent that all customers receive consistent, equitable treatment. You and the event coordinator can work out a sliding fee scale or a variety of reasons. Otherwise, we will use the ticket price we have agreed upon without exceptions.


10. Getting Ready to Present:

The event coordinator or assistant host, will start the event 10 minutes beforehand to allow attendees to settle in.  The host will have bio prepared for you from online information, or you must send them what you would like them to read. Host will record the Zoom event and share it with you and the attendees 24 hours after the event has ended, unless otherwise specified. If you have questions, reach out to the coordinator via email prior to you event.


We ask you to:

  • Be ready and willing to present no matter how many people sign up. Remember we almost always get one or more the day of the event.

  •  Begin and end your presentation on time.   

  •  Please do not use profanity or bring up topics that could alienate or offend guests who hold different viewpoints.  

  • Be mindful of different genders, sexualities, and abilities. Each event is an opportunity to grow, share, and learn from each other in a safe, uplifting environment.


Thank You for being a part of the New Renaissance Event Program!

We are grateful for all the bright souls that bring such inspiring, and educational offerings to the New Renaissance community.


Events  Contact:


mail: Attn: Events Team, New Renaissance Bookshop

1338 NW 23rd Ave, Portland, OR 97210

phone:  503-224-4929

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