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At New Renaissance, we carry beautiful ethically produced clothing that you can feel great about!  This page highlights a few of the many clothing lines we carry.  Visit our store to paruse our full collection!  

Please Note: This is not an e-commerce website so we cannot guarantee that we have the exact items pictured in stock.  This page is merely intended to show examples of the products that we carry.  

Cut Loose is an extensive line of casual clothing that’s sewn and dyed to order in San Francisco. We’re known for our fabrics, our flattering fit, and our colors. The shapes are simple, and you can easily combine pieces for a sophisticated look.

Eagle Ray Traders is a small batik clothing company owned by women from the Berkshires of Western Massachusettes.  Every garment is ethically produced through a 20 year partnership with their tailor and her family in Bali. 



 Just Buddha is inspired by good deed doers all over the world. The mission ​of Just Buddha is to promote goodwill, optimism and self-worth. To all the good deed doers...thank you for your inspirations.

Our tee shirt concept is an empowering word on the front with a corresponding affirmation on the back. By wearing the Just Buddha line you are promoting positivity that spreads! What's your message? Shop now and make the world a better place!

​Spread Positivity!


At Wolf Child we believe in responsibly designing and manufacturing our garments.


When a customer purchases a Wolf Child shirt, we want it to be their absolute favorite shirt ever, one that they throw on the second it comes out of the dryer! Our goal is to create mindful fashion that lasts. We aim to be the opposite of fast disposable fashion by creating a garment that will wear beautifully and last for years to come. Because of our beliefs, our work takes time to craft so that each garment is a work of art.


All of our garments are made with love in LA and by people who are paid a good living wage. We know the employees of the factories we work with and talk to them weekly.


They produce the best tees in the country. The modal used in most of our tees is a sustainable fabric made from the recycled pulp of birch trees. Modal is what make our tees so incredibly soft and wear so well over time. Modal is more expensive but to us it's worth it, not just for the softness and wearability, but also for the environment. We implement sustainable practices wherever we can to off set our carbon footprint.

Thank you for supporting our lady owned, art driven, domestically produced small business!


-The Wolf Pack

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