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Be a Presenter at New Renaissance 


Thank you for your interest in being a Presenter at  New Renaissance Bookshop!


Our intention is for all our events to uplift, inspire, and educate the spiritual and metaphysical community.  We work very hard to make sure our programs are of the highest quality and best fit for our store’s vision.



To be considered please use the following guidelines.


All proposals must be submitted in writing in one of the following ways:



Proposals can be submitted at any time.
We appreciate your patience while we read through the high volume of proposals.

Please view our current events listing for examples of what we are looking for in our events program, as well as how to put together a writeup that fits the format we use in our advertising.


For consideration, your proposal must include:

1. Zoom Event or In Person Event? Let us know your preference!  


2. Event title

Please select a title that is compelling and relevant to what you will be presenting. A subtitle may also be used.

2. 75-150 word event description, 

This writeup will be used in all our promotional and advertising materials for your event if it is selected for our program. As succinctly, dynamically, and specifically as you’re able to, describe what people will experience in the event. Keep in mind that all of our author forums, workshops, etc. are standalone events that contain information, exercises, or experiences of value to all attendees at the time of the event. Any promotion for other events or products must be kept to a 5-minute minimum over the course of your event with us. Also, please note that all event write-ups go through a final editing process by our events committee before publication.


3. 30-50 word presenter bio

Briefly describe yourself, including any information about you relevant to the subject of the event and any books you may have written.

4.  Suggested event length

Our events generally range from 1-3 hours in length.  You can consider the structure of your event and whether you want it to be a talk or longer in depth workshop. 

5.  Suggested ticket price

Events we sponsor have a ticket cost for attendees. Tickets are typically $10-30/hour.  All ticket proceeds are split 50/50 between you and the store.

6.  Calendar Timing

What month are you envisioning for this event?  Is there a certain day of the week or time of day that you have in mind?

7.  Presenter Headshot (Not Required with Proposal, Can be sent later)

Have a professional, smiling color photograph of yourself ready to send us upon approval.  Shall we decide to move forward together, keep in mind that this photo will accompany your writeup in all of our advertising and promotional materials for your event.


8.  Contact

Include a phone number and email for us to contact you up to and on the day of your event (mobile preferred).


9.  Mailing address

Include a mailing address to which we would be sending payment following your event, as well as the legal name/business we would be making the payment out to.

10.  Legal name or Business Name for Your Check

We will send you a check after your event.  Checks are mailed out every Friday.


11. Access to our events center requires navigating up 3 steps. Please let us know if you have any accessibility needs so that we may discuss making an accommodation.




Additional Information:

When we do an event together, we partner with you in advertising your event and include it in all our promotion in store and online. For our part, we promote through: our website; an email list of over 9,000 people; in-store brochures, signs, and social media.


We will take care of all payment and registration for those attending the events on our website:
DO NOT take payment via your own website unless arranged with our coordinator prior to event.


As this is a partnership between you and the store, we will take an active role in planning the event with you to the best of our ability, within the confines of a business day.


Events  Contact:


mail: Attn: Events Team, New Renaissance Bookshop

1338 NW 23rd Ave, Portland, OR 97210

phone:  503-224-4929

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