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Theresa Carmody

Elemental Journeys Readings


To book a remote session with Theresa, please call or email her at 503-382-7843 or

$150/hr. or $75/half hr.

Theresa Carmody is a witch in the Celtic tradition, practicing a blend of elemental magic and Celtic shamanism. She observes the cyclical rhythms of nature by walking the wheel of the year. Using shamanic journey practices she is able to access information from different states of consciousness. Theresa is also a licensed therapist with training in the energetic systems of relationship: with one’s self; in human interactions; and with the environment. As an empath she tunes in to your energy offering readings that connect you with your own, deep wisdom. Theresa offers practical guidance for staying centered in that deep wisdom to empower choices and actions that more truly reflect your authentic self. 


Theresa Carmody has been practicing transformational healing methods for over 25 years.