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When Your Mission Finds You 


There is a candle in your heart,
ready to be kindled.
There is a void in your soul,
ready to be filled
You feel it, don’t you?

Rumi, from Three Cups of Tea by Greg Mortenson and David Oliver Relin.


           Greg Mortenson, who had scaled many of the world’s highest mountains, found his life’s work through a failure. In the fall of 1993, Greg had joined an expedition to climb K2 in Pakistan’s beautiful and rugged Karakoram mountain range. K2, the world’s second-highest mountain at 28,267 feet, is considered by world climbers as the toughest summit on earth to reach. Greg and ten other mountaineers had been climbing for over 70 days, when one of their French teammates developed a pulmonary edema at their high camp, less than 600 meters from the summit. It took 78 hours to bring their teammate down to a lower elevation where he could be rescued.


           After the rescue Greg slept 48 hours straight and awoke disoriented and exhausted. While following his friend and beloved porter, he became lost spending a cold night with only a light blanket. Lost and alone, he contemplated the first big failure of his life -- not making it to the summit. He was exhausted - physically, mentally and emotionally.


           Greg’s story, told beautifully in the book, Three Cups of Tea, goes on as he is found and becomes lost a second time, then literally stumbles onto the village of Korphe, which does not appear on any map. After a three-day recovery, Greg becomes enamored with the kindness and compassion of the Muslim people in this village. As he is shown the dirt field where the children “write” their lessons, he tells the community “I will build you a school. I promise.” And, his life detours to fulfill his new mission.


           Now 53 schools have been built, many in the most dangerous, mountainous country of Afganistan and Pakistan. Greg feels that his is a mission to promote peace - one school at a time!

If you read this beautiful exciting adventure it will open your heart. How can you promote peace. What is your personal life mission?


            Is it creating through art or music? Or raising money or giving of your time to those in need? Is it starting a conscious business or bringing more consciousness to your work? Is it promoting a cultural event or just getting to know you neighbor? Or is it meditating for peace or something else? The Divine spirit will work through us if we provide the space - the opening of the heart. The heart breaks and then, only light flows in!


Jamey & Darlene


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