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Transformational Ecstatic Breathwork with Sound Healing

Nicole Alcyon and Geoff Falkenberg

Tues. Feb. 25, 6:30-8:30pm, $30

Our breath is our moment-to-moment connection to life. It is one of our most ancient tools for healing, meditating, and accessing our own Divine Nature.  In this dynamic ecstatic breathwork and sound healing session, we use specific breath patterns to access the body’s own tools for achieving deep states of meditation and self-awareness, releasing held trauma and stagnant blocks, opening the energy pathways that flow through us, and experiencing a full-bodied bliss state as the Kundalini energy is given the opportunity to rise and expand within us!  While Geoff Falkenberg leads everyone through specific breathwork exercises and patterns, Nicole Alcyon of Triniti Healing will hold a sacred and safe space for you while playing her various sound healing instruments – sometimes near or over you personally to help you in releasing deeper and expanding more.  The sound healing instruments featured in this Breathwork meditation are 13 Singing Crystal Bowls, a Paiste Gong, Solfeggio Sound Pipes, Crystal Sound Pyramid, and hand held gong and drums.


For 16 years, Nicole Alcyon has combined her skills as a Hypnotherapist, Sound Healer, Angel Therapy Practitioner® and expertise on Chakra Cleansing/Balancing to create a unique and highly potent approach to therapeutic group sound healing sessions.

To Register Please Call 503-224-4929

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