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To Register Please Call 503-224-4929

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Birthing the New Year with Shamanic Journeying

Terry McGill, Sun. Dec. 30, 1-4pm, $35

Here’s how to prepare for all that 2019 portends to bring!  Traditional Shamanic Journeys start by using a drum or rattle in a slow, repetitive rhythm.  You’ll entrain to the sounds and begin to shift so that Journeying can begin.  Terry’s training and experience make him an ideal guide.  He will create and hold the field to allow you to move into your personal experience.  There will be three separate Journeys. The first will be to clear blockages to all that the New Year offers you.  Secondly, you will discover the pathways for the coming new year’s opportunities. Third, we’ll travel to the Realm Of All Potential, or Source.  Here you will receive information and empowerment to navigate through and manifest in this coming year. We will take time to debrief between each journey, so bring a notebook and pen to capture details. 


Terry McGill has been certified to teach these methods since 2011. He has studied with Master Zhi Gang Sha, the 373rd lineage holder of PengZu, since 2008. Terry teaches and mentors in the Portland metro area and remotely online and by phone.  Check the New Renaissance calendar for times of Terry’s other events and his Reading dates at the store.

To Register Please Call 503-224-4929

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