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To Register for a Reading Call 503-224-4929

Ailynn Halvorson, Tarot Consulting and Angelic Readings

Jan. 18

$111/hr. or $65/half hr.

Ailynn  is certified in Angelic Healing and  Angelic Readings along with the Tarot. With insight and compassion, Ailynn helps you explore the deeper issues and messages that arise from your session with the Tarot and to find the blessings and lessons in your situation.  Angelic Oracle Cards are also used in your readings for clarity and further insight. Ailynn Halvorson has been reading the Tarot for the last 30 years and currently does Elemental Tarot Readings in conjunction with Aromatherapy.  ByAilynn.com

Ann Heideman, Intuitive Tarot Readings


Dec. 29, Jan. 12

$111/hr., $63/half hr. or $33/15 min.

In her intuitive readings, Ann offers an opportunity to reflect on past, present and future. She shares her knowledge of the Tarot to help us reconnect with the eternal wisdom of our souls’ highest purpose, which can be brought to light through reflecting on the cards pulled. Ann’s readings offer us an opportunity to address present challenges with a fresh perspective.  Ann Heideman has been reading with her Aquarian Deck since 1996. Ann loves working with cards to offer clients healing, empowerment and fresh insight. She is a longtime student of art history, astrology, Chinese medicine, Tarot, energy work, and Pranic Healing.  PriestessBling.com

Caroline Allen, Psychic Tarot Readings 

Dec. 11, 13, Jan. 3

$125/hr. or $70/half hr.

If we align ourselves fully to our true calling, to the essence of who we are, all else follows. In a Tarot reading with Caroline, you will explore how to shift into greater alignment with your life’s path and take steps forward in your process of personal and spiritual growth. With her psychic gifts, Caroline will share an abundance of spiritual and practical information, including messages from your personal spirit guides, to help you align with your greatest and highest good. Caroline Allen was an international journalist in newsrooms in Tokyo and London when a sudden psychic opening sent her on a journey to understand the metaphysical and use her new gift for the greater good. She has read Tarot for over 20 years for people all over the world, and gives clarity on issues like family, finances, romance and career. She is also an award-winning author of mystic fiction and visual artist living in rural Oregon. CarolineAllen.wixsite.com/shiftingperception

Emily Rose, Tarot and Lenormand Readings

$100/hr. or $65/half hr.

Available for Remote Readings by Phone or Zoom!

Looking for some clarity? Whether you are facing a difficult decision, have questions about love, or are looking for your purpose, a reading with Emily Rose can provide guidance with actionable steps. She utilizes the divinatory cards of both the Tarot and Lenormand to help you create a conscious future while providing a warm, safe space where soul work can flourish. Emily Rose has been reading Lenormand since she was 12 years old. She is dedicated to promoting self-growth in clients through intuitive card readings rooted in traditional meanings with contemporary nuances.


Katalin Jett Koda, Intuitive Tarot & Light Body Energy Readings

Dec. 18, 22, Jan. 4, 23

$100/hr. or $60/half hr.  

Katalin offers intuitive Tarot and Arcturian light body readings to provide support on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. Katalin’s Intuitive Tarot Readings provide clear reflections of your life path in the symbolic and archetypal images of the Tarot. Through them, Katalin offers her intuitive guidance and facilitates a co-created dialogue to support your discovery of how these themes express in relationships, work, career, health and spiritual matters. Arcturian Light Body Readings consist of reading your energy field, chakras and aura. Deep healing of the nervous system is brought about through neural repatterning and the clearing of karmic patterns and ancestral trauma. You will have the opportunity to set intentions, as well as ask questions and receive answers about your health, life path, relationships and spiritual concerns. Arcturians are multidimensional star beings that offer an energetic space of unconditional love to assist in the reset of your life and anchoring the light body. You can book a Tarot reading or a Light Body Energy Reading with Katalin.  Katalin Jett Koda is a visionary author, storyteller, poet, ceremonialist and intuitive healer. She has been connected to the non-human worlds and liminal or threshold spaces since she was a child. Inspired by her grandmother’s Hungarian lineage and mentored by a variety of teachers she offers readings to support your life journey.  KatalinKoda.com

Michael Sheehan, Tarot Readings

Dec. 11, 28, Jan. 10, 22

$125/hr. or $65/half hr. 

Whether you are looking for love, money, direction, opportunity, or freedom, a tarot reading can provide useful information to place you on the shortest path to your happiness. Michael will help you receive new insights for your life, current situation, or possible paths laid down before you. Michael believes you have the power to live your dream, to achieve any goal you have set for yourself, and is here to help you understand your power to use it more effectively. Michael Sheehan is a true metaphysician whose deep understanding of the connection between our thoughts, our feelings and our experiences, can guide you in any situation. Michael’s broad education and experience include shamanism, mysticism, metaphysics, eastern and western philosophy, world religions, astrology, numerology and 30 years experience reading Tarot cards. He co-founded the Langley Mystery School with astrologer Gretchen Lawlor and has taught Tarot classes and seminars in Washington and Oregon.

Taylor Boyd, Intuitive Tarot Readings


Dec. 27, Jan. 20

$111/hr., $66/half hr. or $33/15 min.

Awakening can be a very difficult and isolating process because it involves constant transformation on a deep and soul based level. Our soul craves these changes but it can be hard to really embrace them with a deep understanding of why they need to occur. Before we take any actions towards change, it helps to completely see the situation as it stands before you. Using her gift of clarity, Taylor Boyd intuitively uses Tarot cards to give new insight on pertinent areas of your life. Through clairvoyance, clairsentience, and Tarot, Taylor provides the full scope of the energy blocking you, allowing you to take steps towards transformation. Taylor’s readings help foster realization, healing and direction, creating a safe space to release the old and welcome the new.  Taylor Boyd is a healer, intuitive, Tarot reader and artist. Having studied under a Reiki master and intuitive, Taylor has learned the principles of physically moving energy, as well as maintaining and deepening her soul connection to the spirits. To learn more and see channeled messages, check out her YouTube channel, Queen Tay Tarot, and follow her Instagram, @queentaytarot. For booking private events, please email her at queentaytarot@gmail.com

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