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The Soul Speaks: Connecting to Your Purpose, Power, and Passion through Evolutionary Astrology


Paul Richard, Sat. Sept. 22, 11-1pm, $30

Evolutionary Astrology is unlike anything you’ve experienced. It is a profound tool for understanding your soul’s deepest intentions and desires, a quantum leap beyond personality characteristics. Understanding your soul’s nature and following its own uniquely crafted lesson-plan unfolds the richness and wonders of life for you. Bring your birth chart or contact Paul for a free chart: and discover: your soul’s particular intention for this life, three individually unique keys for fulfillment and happiness, and personal strategies to enhance your life-purpose. Claim your power, and unleash your passion for life and love. Trained in archetypal psychology, traditional and indigenous spiritualities, and certified and recommended by world-renowned astrologer Steven Forrest, Paul Richard has helped people for 35+ years through teaching, counseling, mentoring, ritual, tarot, oracular divination, shamanism, and intuitive healing.

To Register Please Call 503-224-4929

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