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Soul Archeology: Karma as Pathway to Purpose, Power & Passion through Evolutionary Astrology


Paul Richard, Sat. Nov. 17, 11-1pm, $30

At times, any one of us can feel stuck, hindered, and disconnected from our passions. We desire abundance, yearn for purpose-driven lives, seek inner peace—yet we falter. Our birth charts reveal our past lives’ unresolved issues that restrict or block us and the “medicine” for healing them - a healing that unleashes our souls’ deepest potentials. Paul will introduce you to the Lunar Nodes’ wisdom for transforming karma’s grip and energizing the soul’s life-plan. Trained in depth psychology, astrology and spirituality and certified and recommended by world-renowned astrologer Steven Forrest, Paul H. Richard, M.Div. has helped people for 30+ years to discover their purpose, power, and passion through counseling, mentoring, ritual, astrology and intuitive healing. For a free birth chart to use at the event send your birth information to 

To Register Please Call 503-224-4929

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