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2020 Vision:

Create Your Personal Soul Song​

Michele Newman and Eliahu Goodman

Sat. Dec. 21, 2-4pm, $25

Tune into your integral authenticity as Michele and Eliahu guide you through the process of inner listening and insight. You will experience your own personal soul song that expresses your unique journey.  This is a safe space for your inner child to play and to create music even if you have never done so before!  You will also get to relax and rejuvenate with the healing sounds of pure alchemical crystal bowls and Michele’s Angelic Voice.  Experience vibrational frequencies that reverberate through your cells and your soul, resulting in inner harmony.  Listen deeply, tune in to your soul’s guidance, and joyfully spring into action to create what you really want in life.  No musical instrument or singing experience required!  If you wish, Bring musical instruments or words and graphics that inspire you.  Please bring  a notebook, pen/pencil and recording device (phone or other accessory if you have one). 

Michele Newman is a psychic sound alchemist, singer-songwriter, Isis priestess, and spiritual guide. After years of helping people with cancer and other life-threatening conditions, she’s offering her process to healthy people, who love it as well!  LoveVibe.US 


Eliahu Goodman is the author of We Are From The Stars. He helps clients reduce stress, transform and release trauma, heal core wounds through Altaran Star Healing, Quantum Breath Rebirthing Therapy, and Reiki.

To Register Please Call 503-224-4929

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