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Crystal Bowl Sound Bath Meditation


Shalom Mayberg, Sun. Nov. 18, 6-7:30pm, $20

Join us for an evening of high vibrational crystal bowl sound healing! These bowls, made from pure crystal quartz, will leave you feeling nourished, balanced, radiant, and bright. Crystal bowl sound baths help promote deep relaxation, relieve stress, and allow the mind and body to let go making room for healing and rest. Relax on your back while Shalom plays his bowls and other calming instruments to take you on a journey like no other.  Please arrive on time and bring your personal mat and whatever you need to be comfortable (blanket, pillow, etc.) 


Shalom is a sound and energy healer who teaches yoga and meditation to assist others in removing blockages for a more fulfilling life. He has trained throughout India and Asia in yoga, meditation, and the healing arts. Shalom’s CD, I’mperfect, is available for purchase at NRB.

To Register Please Call 503-224-4929

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