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Reprogramming the Subconscious via Meridian Tapping


Robin Friedman, Mon. Oct. 8, 7-8:30, $20

Picture Tapping is a profound and effective way into the subconscious. Using EFT (or meridian tapping), we can release negative emotions around complicated issues, without having to talk about the issue at all. With no artistic experience necessary, we will explore Picture Tapping by applying the techniques of EFT to the realm of therapeutic art. We will each work on whatever issue is prevalent for us through the process of drawing an image of how that feels, and then tapping on it. For example, if you wanted to work on a messy divorce, you might draw a messy squiggly ball of black and red lines. As we release the emotions with tapping, you’ll notice how different it feels! Bring your own crayons, markers or colored pencils.  Here is an example of what one woman experienced, tapping on the subject of abundance. She went from feeling “so far away and empty” to an energy she described as “blossoming safe”.  Robin Friedman is a Certified EFT Practitioner and Hypnotherapist. Her passion is sharing self-empowering tools, to help people change their energy and change their life.

To Register Please Call 503-224-4929

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