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To Register Please Call 503-224-4929

Robert Zakian

Transpersonal Intuitive Readings

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$125/hr., $65/ half hr. or $35 for 15 min.

By aligning with your heart chakra, Transpersonal Intuitive Robert Zakian is able to assist you in discovering your purpose and gifts, release of blockages, communication with spirit guides, and much more. Readings with Robert offer an opportunity to expand conscious awareness, transcend limitations, and have a deeper understanding of your soul's journey where love, truth, and wisdom reside. Robert also helps his clients gently release negative patterns and heal the inner child.  He can also attune to family members, friends, and significant others for a better understanding of their energies and life paths.  


Robert Zakian has provided Transpersonal Intuitive Readings and interactive workshops  such as Meeting Your Spirit Guide and Past Life Regression since 2001. Robert graduated from the Institute of Therapeutic Learning and received a Certificate in Counseling from UCLA and can be seen on Plumtree TV, Robert Zakian. He has studied the teachings of Meher Baba of India and a Shaman of the Native American tradition. Robert draws upon both eastern and western traditions helping his clients uncover their true and loving self.

To Register Please Call 503-224-4929

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