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Bach Flower Remedies and Exhaustion


Rio Hibler, Sun. Sept. 16, 5-7pm, $35

Being worn out takes all the joy out of life. Fortunately, there are Bach Flower Remedies that can help us relax, revive, refresh, and rediscover our inner energetic balance. This workshop will cover a number of the Bach Flower Remedies used for re-balancing ourselves after our overextended efforts have caused us to energetically “hit a wall.” Invented in the 1930s by the noted English physician, Dr. Edward Bach, the Bach Flower Remedies are completely safe, have no side effects, and work very gently with the psyche to release and balance negative feelings, moods, and attitudes.  


Rio Hibler is a Bach Flower Consultant serving the Portland/Vancouver area with private consultations, study groups, and trainings. A Certified Bach Flower Practitioner since 2001, Rio has been studying, using and teaching the Bach Flower Essences for over 25 years.

To Register Please Call 503-224-4929

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