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Revolution of Voice:

Find your Creative Purpose


Caroline Allen, Sun. July 22, 2-5pm, $40

We live in a time where everywhere we’re seeing a Revolution of Voice. From the #MeToo movement to diverse groups around the world, people are standing up and speaking truth. Globally, the metaphysical call is for all of us to go deep into ourselves and find our authentic voices. Caroline Allen spent a decade as a journalist giving voice to the voiceless when a sudden spiritual opening sent her reeling. She was being called, but to what purpose? She learned she too was without voice and she needed to find her own authentic expression. Her path of discovery would lead her to a life as a visual artist and novelist. In this workshop, Caroline will share what she learned on her journey, through plumbing childhood passions, tackling fear, and setting dynamic intent, to assist you in your own activation of creative purpose.  


Caroline Allen is the author of an award-winning series of novels, which follow a mystical protagonist as she comes of age in a world rocked by climate change. Through her business, Art of Storytelling, she has coached hundreds of writers across the globe, including psychics, healers and memoirists. A newsroom journalist for years in Tokyo and London, Caroline saw firsthand the power of story to create change. She is also a visual artist and psychic healer.

To Register Please Call 503-224-4929

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