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Rental Details


Our Event Center holds up to 70 people, if they are all sitting in chairs. It holds 25 people if they need space to all lay down on the floor.


The cost for the center is $25/hr. We have a 3-hour minimum for all rentals.

Renters are responsible for promotion and production of the event. We are happy to post your fliers in our bulletin board area. Just drop 10 copies off at the front desk and we will post them.



The equipment available for your use includes:


  • Chairs and Tables

  • Yoga Mats and Pillows

  • Filtered Water (Hot and Cold)

  • Tea and Cups

  • A Large Projection Screen

  • A Couple of White Boards

  • Flip Chart Paper with Sticky Back for Hanging on the Wall

  • TV with DVD and VHS player


You will be given an envelope with twenty $2 OFF coupons for use in New Renaissance Bookshop the day of your event. Please give one to each of your customers, helpers, and of course, to yourself. If you run out, just ask for more at the front desk.


Please wait until after 6:30 pm to do a sound check, drumming, or play music or singing bowls. This is the agreement we’ve made with the practitioners who work upstairs above the event center.


The renter is required to return pick up a room key and return it to the front desk by 9 pm. We ask that you also return the event center to the same state it was in when you started your set up.


The bookshop will remain open until 9:30 pm to give you and your customers time to browse after your event.

If you have any questions about the event rental process please contact me anytime at the information below.


Please No Smoking, Alchohol, Candles, Incense, or Open Flame in our Event Center



Once again, thank you for your interest in our events program!


Defne Oztek

NRB Events Coordinator main: 503-224-4929

direct: 503-542-4330 ext 1287






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