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Raising Conscious Parents: Connection, Grace, Play

Brandan Spradling, Sun. March 31, 11-2pm, $45

You’re a committed and generous parent.  You have an interest in healing the pains of your childhood.  What might parenting be like from a position of grace, ease, and connection?  Raising Conscious Parents is a potent workshop providing rich resources and transformational tools to help you on your parenthood journey.  You will learn a supportive process to utilize in times of overwhelm and frustration, how to distinguish growth points for both you and your child, and how to move beyond any limiting beliefs about parenting.  Raising Conscious Parents provides reliable experiences and processes to empower full- hearted connection and grace.


Brandan M. Spradling is a corporate executive, certified conscious parenting coach who is a Mamá to a free-spirited wildhearted daughter. Brandan has found conscious parenting to be an essential part of her mamáhood journey. Brandan is helping to reframe and transform what the parenting conversation is for generations to come. 

To Register Please Call 503-224-4929

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