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Introduction to Qigong


Rose Allen, Weds. Sept. 12, 7-8:30pm, $20

Qigong (“chee-gong”) is an ancient self-care practice that is gaining in popularity and understanding.  Utilizing gentle, yet powerful, flowing movements, we gain vibrant health.  This preventive medicine harmonizes the body by clearing blockages, while building immunity.  As a meditative movement, qigong is available to all levels of fitness and mobility.  This complementary medicine works well with other therapies.  We start with a brief introduction, then move into some light stretching.  From there, attendees will learn non-impact forms that can be taken home and incorporated into a regular healing practice.  


Rose Allen is a Certified Qigong Instructor with hundreds of hours of training under various teachers since 2005.  Her passion is to bring qigong to as many people as possible.

To Register Please Call 503-224-4929

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