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To Register Please Call 503-224-4929


Power of Transformation Tarot Workshop

Jason D McKean, Sat. Sept. 7, 2-4pm, $25 

Who do you feel yourself becoming? Are you ready to become that person? Are you ready for the old to fall away and the new to take its place? Now is the time to step into your new identity, and take bold steps to claiming your stake in your future. We’ll use the group energy and the Tarot to tap into your vision, and help you to activate it. It’s time to see yourself moving forward, moving in confidence, with a fuller realization of the part you play in your own purpose. Join us for this powerful afternoon of transformation! 


Born into a family of Psychics and Ministers, Jason D McKean is a natural Tarot Advisor who has read for thousands of people and teaches the Tarot to students in many cities across the US. His best-selling OM chant albums OM SANCTUARY, OM ETERNITY, 108 SACRED OMS, and many more are played in yoga studios, meditation halls, and healing centers all over the world.

To Register Please Call 503-224-4929

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