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Jane Roberts, Life Purpose Hand Analysis Readings

$120/hr. or $70/half hr.

“Life’s Missing Instruction Manual” finally discovered! Are you tired of searching in all the wrong places for your unique Life Purpose? Your formula for personal and professional fulfillment is written on your body in the form of your unchangeable fingerprints. If you have the courage to discover the answer to the question “Who am I?” once and for all, come discover how your life is literally in your very own hands. This pursuit is not for the faint of heart. It’s for Truth Seekers only. Your fingerprints provide you with the most direct look into yourself of any system of self-discovery in existence today. It’s privileged information that’s both exhilarating and challenging, encouraging and exposing. Certified Hand Analyst, Jane Roberts, can guide you on your journey.

Vernon Mahabal, Hand Analysis Readings


The hand is a living tool through which the eternal soul, encased within the material body, speaks its message. Palmistry, or hand analysis, is a powerful metaphysical system for understanding human potential. To read a hand is to gain a complete picture of a person’s emotional, creative, spiritual, health and career direction. The hand is filled with psychic energy, radiates a powerful and verifiable aura, and expresses in detail exactly the type of intuition or psychic ability the bearer possesses. A reading with Vernon will pinpoint your life purpose, your true career calling, and your path to power and fulfillment.  Vernon Mahabal is the founder and director of the Palmistry Institute in Los Angeles. In 1979 he began formal training in Vedic cosmology and combines both Eastern and Western astrological disciplines into his practice. Vernon is the author of the bestselling Talk to the Hand: A Field Guide to Practical Palmistry, The Secret Code On Your Hands, The Palmistry Cards and Crossing Paths: Reading Hands for Love and Work. He has read thousands of hands, given hundreds of lectures and trained hundreds of students.

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