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Neptune: The Astrology of Accessing Your Divine Reality


David Yarrow Wood, Sun. Nov. 25, 2-4pm, $22

Astrology gives us a map to all the experiences we can unlock through this lifetime, including ones spiritual in nature. Neptune is the embodiment of spiritual consciousness, and by attuning to the deep blue planet through meditation or astrological reflection, we can open to and directly experience Neptune’s gifts of vast peace, flow, and oneness in our lives. Join NRB Evolutionary Astrologer David Yarrow Wood for an experiential afternoon of accessing Neptunian states of being through learning, guided meditation, and exploration of Neptune’s placement in your own birth chart. All levels of astrological knowledge and meditation experience are welcome. Please email your birth information (date, time, location) to David at if you would like your chart to be looked at in class.  


David Yarrow Wood is a mystic, intuitive astrologer, and pioneer of holistic, 21st-century Evolutionary Astrology. His Soul-centered practice is founded on a deep communion with the planets of our solar system and the living symbology of the Zodiac. David shares from this deep well in the form of readings, classes, and weekly forecasts, which can be followed on his Facebook page and in the email newsletter.

To Register Please Call 503-224-4929

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