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Nabhas, the Celestial Constellation Meditation with Shiv


“The mindsets and heart-sets Shiv offers provide clarity on how we may walk the path to spiritual liberation.” 

– Michael Bernard Beckwith


Shiv, Sun. July 15, 2-4pm, $15

Meditate to connect your Inner Being with the Heart of the Universe. Come join us for this special Energy Meditation that will provide you three clear and effective ways to quiet the mind and easily meditate. Shiv will guide you in an easy approach to experience your own inner universe of love. You will feel refreshed, relaxed and rebalanced as you step away from the distraction and towards yourself in joyous awakening. 


Shiv is the author of The Seed of Nothingness. He shatters Western and Eastern dogmas and spiritual ideologies of “doing to achieve” through his profound message that everything is achieved through the notion of non-doing, by witnessing and accepting what is.

To Register Please Call 503-224-4929

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