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When Things Fall Apart...

Where Do We Find Grace?

Honoring Mary Magdalene’s Feast Day

Sharon Ann Rose, Sun. July 22, 6-7:30pm, $22

There is much breaking our hearts in these times: loss, transition, change, startling news, death and dissolution. As all we’ve known breaks down and open... where do we find our center? How do we live true to our soul essence? On this day, Mary Magdalene’s Feast Day, July 22nd, we bring our heartache to the surface. Being with the wholeness of our experience provides space and ease to our mind and our system, allowing things to settle, soften and shift by way of the Medicine of the Feminine. As we breathe in to the guidance and container of the Divine Feminine, a space opens within us that loves and welcomes all of it. Here we find we are the grace we’ve been searching for. Join Sharon for an exploration of the importance of letting things fall apart, a discussion to shift how we work with transition on a personal and global scale, and an alchemical practice and ritual to support participants in offering their pain, uncertainty, and sadness to the transformative fires of the Sacred Feminine. This is where we learn to work with the deeper Mysteries of Feminine wisdom and where the energy of Mary Magdalene and her lineage intimately finds us. 


Sharon Ann Rose is a Wise Woman and Master Celebrant of the Divine Feminine, having worked with its waters to learn how we flow with its descending current into a practice of one’s own self-care, community connection and love. She is the author of Faces of the Mother, a soulful journey into the Creative Feminine. Sharon has a private practice in Portland that offers sacred medicine for a woman’s soul hunger.

To Register Please Call 503-224-4929

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