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Acceptance and the Power Of Observation as a Pathway for a Change

Mary Corning, Sun. June 23, 2-5PM, $30

Author Mary Corning states that the greatest element for change begins with the fundamental aspect of acceptance. Positive change must begin with unveiling the habit of fear. Mary offers a complete shift in perspective that is always accessible and never conditional. By using our own intrinsic gift of understanding, we can shift our perspective and change our world. She offers real life examples by sharing stories of her dedication to horses, nature and even her own deepest presence. Mary connects the link of who we are to what we do.  Through her workshops and book Perfect Practice, Mary introduces us to ourselves in a way that feels familiar, comforting and vital. Uncover the veils of perception and live an authentic life. After all, what else could be more rewarding?  Mary Corning’s philosophy is based in utilizing the power of observation. This practice has proven effective in all life situations. Mary first became aware of this perfectly effective practice during her many decades of living with horses. As an equine behaviorist, Mary’s heartfelt attention and focus on horses intensified her ability to understand them. The love that she felt for horses meant she didn’t seek to change them. She saw them as perfect, but within each relationship were effective and ineffective responses that could indeed initiate success or disaster. The observation of love combined with effective responses offered a lifelong study that developed the philosophy for her book, Perfect Practice, a philosophy for a living an authentic and transparent life.   


Mary S. Corning changes lives by defining the transformative power of pain. As a mentor, speaker, consultant, and writer, she clearly and compassionately models this process through her messages and stories.

To Register Please Call 503-224-4929

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