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Opening to the Energies of Autumn: The Veil is Lifting, Let’s Make it Work for You

Lori Seeborg, Sun. Oct. 21, 11-1pm, $20

Reconnect to your multidimensional self and tap into energetic support available within the energies of this autumn season. Building bridges with this High Vibrational frequency activates a new level for your intuitive and healing engagement. In this interactive forum, we will learn how to practically engage our intuitive strengths and resources. Then we will consider their integration into our everyday lives, including how to ethically bring them into our workplace. This may begin with learning how to set new boundaries both for ourselves and for others. During this forum, you will also have the opportunity to clear the karmic and resulting soul contract goop that may be mucking up your present time.  Through Lori’s Kaleidoscope Healings, we can integrate strengths and wisdom from past and future lifetimes in to the present lifetimes. This is done while simultaneously retaining the wisdom, soul lessons and growth, for our earthly and soul reconnections within.  


Lori Seeborg is a workshop presenter and reader at New Renaissance whose intuitive coaching and energy healing empowers others towards a balanced perspective, self-clarity, and wisdom.

To Register Please Call 503-224-4929

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