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Astrology & The Soul: Foundations Course with David Yarrow Wood

Sun. Dec. 1, 8, 15, 22, 29, 11-1pm

$244/5-week course

Would you love to read a map of your own soul’s journey? Above us, the cosmic mirror reveals a comprehensive portrait of our human experience. When we learn the true meaning of the planets, signs, and houses of astrology — and how to put them all together — we have access to a limitless field of information about the myriad dimensions of who we are, why we are here, where we have been, and what we are evolving toward. Join David Yarrow Wood for this 5-week course on the foundations of Evolutionary Astrology — the modality that bridges astrological study to the well of your own soul’s wisdom.

  • Oct. 13: The Signs

  • Oct. 20: The Planets

  • Oct. 27: Houses, Aspects, & the Lunar Nodes

  • Nov. 3: Reading The Chart

  • Nov. 10: Reading Practice

All classes will be available by video for students unable to attend class in-person. Students will receive voluntary take-home assignments, membership to a course Facebook group for ongoing study and discussion with classmates, and a New Renaissance course certificate upon completion.

David Yarrow Wood first made conscious contact with all that he was before and beyond this life in his study of Evolutionary Astrology under Ari Moshe Wolfe. Originally channeled in a dream by Jeffrey Wolf Green from the Vedic sage Sri Yukteswar, this modality views Western (Tropical) Astrology from the perspective of our soul from life to life. David’s practice synthesizes Evolutionary Astrology’s framework with intuitive clairsentience, guidance from the Tarot, and energy work to share an experience of greater awareness, clarity, and peace in the lives of his clients.

For David’s private sessions, check the New Renaissance Reader Calendar, or schedule with David for readings remotely or in his office in downtown Portland.

To Register Please Call 503-224-4929

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