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Kids Crystal Workshop!

A Fun and Interactive Introduction

Jessie Ann, Sun. June 9, 2:30-4pm, $20 per child

This workshop will provide a gentle introduction to the science of vibrations of crystals, and some wonderful ways to use crystals for healing. Jessie will encourage children to trust their own intuition and truly connect with the crystal vibrations. Children will have the opportunity to experience creating a crystal grid. They will delight in viewing different crystals, and each child will go home with a crystal of their own. This will be a delightful experience for crystal loving kiddos and their parents!


This event is open to kids age 6-12. Children must be accompanied by their parent or guardian. Ticket price per child, parents or guardians may attend free with purchase.  


Jessie Ann is a Certified crystal healer and has been drawn to crystals’ sparkle and beauty her whole life. She has spent years working with children, and truly loves and respects these precious growing beings.

To Register Please Call 503-224-4929

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