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BreathWork Meditation Class

with Katy May Spencer


Sat. Jan. 25, 2-3:30pm,  $25

Using the simple and natural act of breathing, the calming sounds of crystal sound bowls, and aided by tools including raw crystals, we can quiet our minds and tune into the vast intelligence of our own bodies and the natural world. This 90-minute meditation includes a portion of active breathing followed by a period of rest and guided relaxation techniques. You will leave with the bliss of a quieter mind, a relaxed body and a healing heart. 


Katy May Spencer is the founder of Coba Crystals, a line of sustainable and transparently sourced crystals. The challenges of juggling a startup career, family, and life in New York City inspired her to explore meditation, breathwork, crystals, and harmonic sound therapies. She is trained in breathwork by David Elliot, Katonah Yoga by Nevine Michaan, Spiritual Response Therapy, reiki, and holds an MBA from Oxford University. She offers meditations, crystal collections, breath meditations, and healing sessions online and in-person.

To Register Please Call 503-224-4929