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An Interview with Youtube Sensation JP Sears


“These days it’s not very spiritual just being spiritual,” begins JP. “I invite you to join me on the quest of becoming more spiritual… Ultra Spiritual.”Healing coach, YouTube sensation and satirist JP Sears is putting the “light” back in enlightenment with his new book, How to Be Ultra Spiritual,  a book that brings a playful and satirical approach to topics of modern spirituality such as:


  • expert-level master training in competitive spirituality;

  • dreaming up your awakening;

  • becoming rigidly yogic and increasing your flow;

  • mindfullessness and merciless meditation;

  • and how to be critically nonjudgmental.


Welcome to the Newer Age and the dawn-like brilliance that is Ultra Spirituality! 


The following is a captivating and enriching interview with the Ultra Spiritual Master, JP Sears:  


What does it mean to be ultra spiritual?


Being Ultra Spiritual means that you look spiritual.  And looking spiritual is exactly what makes you spiritual.  If you’re being spiritual, but nobody see’s you being spiritual, then you’re not being spiritual.



Tell us a little bit about your personal journey.  When did you decide to become ultra spiritual?


I feel like I didn’t decide to become Ultra Spiritual, the Universe decided to anoint me into the Ultra Spiritual ranks.  And my intuition tells me that the reason the Universe decided to have me become Ultra Spiritual, is because it needed a beacon of light to be the messenger ushering in an advanced level of consciousness that the world has never seen before.  So that’s what I do.



What are the benefits of embracing a life of ultra spirituality?  


Having a permanent state of bliss, ecstasy, nirvana, and spiritual superiority over everyone around you are just a few.  Another great one is that it gives you a great excuse to wear yoga pants in public.



What is your most helpful piece of advice for someone striving to become ultra spiritual?


My sincerest advice is for people to not take advice, because advice comes from a low level of consciousness.  I suggest people listen to guidance, which is of course a higher vibrational word to use.  My guidance for people would be to forget what you know so that you can remember what you don’t know as you’re reading my new book, “How To Be Ultra Spiritual."


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