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Interspecies Conversations: Be a Caretaker of Wonder

Maureen Belle, Fri. March 29, 6:30-8pm, $20

Maureen Belle has been communicating with nature and animals since she was a small child, having turned there for comfort, love, and support over a difficult childhood. She began talking with animals telepathically before she even spoke human words. The land, trees, oceans, and rivers became her teachers and models. As a girl playing in the Pacific Ocean, she was called by the dolphins to join them in play and conversation. They also became her friends, family and teachers. Join us for a fascinating lecture from Maureen on the innate ability we all have for interspecies communication, and how this connection can help us move past the illusion of separation — that which we have been taught is real — into unity with each other, our fellow Earthlings, and our own Soul’s truth.  


Maureen Belle has been assisting people to hear the voices of their pets for over 25 years. She is an intuitive, transformative life coach, and renowned author, with her latest book Conversations with Heaven and Earth recounting her life-changing Near-Death Experience. She leads a group of local NDE experiencers for the Portland chapter of the International Association for Near Death Studies.

To Register Please Call 503-224-4929

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