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Interspecies Communication Workshop

Maureen Belle, Sat, March 30, 2-5pm,  $30

Join us for a workshop with animal communicator Maureen Belle, who has been assisting others to hear the voices of their pets for over 25 years and has been in conversation with Nature and animals her whole life. As a child, the land, trees, oceans, and rivers became her teachers and models, and the dolphins of the Pacific Ocean her friends and family. In this workshop, you’ll learn how to connect with your own animal companions, whales and dolphins, and all the Earth beings around you. Please leave your animal companions at home and bring photos of those you’d like to connect with.


Maureen Belle has been assisting people to hear the voices of their pets for over 25 years. She is an intuitive, transformative life coach, and renowned author, with her latest book Conversations with Heaven and Earth recounting her life-changing Near-Death Experience. She leads a group of local NDE experiencers for the Portland chapter of the International Association for Near Death Studies.

To Register Please Call 503-224-4929

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