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Improv As a Presence Practice

Theresa Carmody and Domeka Parker

Sat. Sept. 7, 11-1pm, $20

Presence is a practice of openness and receptivity both to self and others. Everyone has their own sweet spot, the place where they’re both deeply rooted in oneself and connected to the world around them. Most spiritual paths leading to this state do so through intentional, dedicated practice with focus on either the inward path of self-reflection or the outward path of service. The result of this work is joyful, but often leads the practitioner to a choice between the inward or outward path. Improv as a practice works on both paths, simultaneously, and in playfulness. The path, not just the destination, is joyful.  Most improv classes teach the structure of the art form, with little focus on the state of being needed to perform it well. Sound Improv is an exception. Its creator, Domeka Parker is an experienced improvisor with over 30 years experience. Domeka is owner and Artistic Director of Deep End Theater. She is also an empath.  Theresa Carmody is an empath with over 30 years experience guiding others on their spiritual paths. She is a regular reader at New Renaissance and she is also an ensemble member at Deep End Theatre where she practices Sound Improv.  Join Domeka and Theresa as they combine their strengths to help you experience Sound Improv as a presence practice. Please wear comfortable clothing you can move around in and be ready to play.

To Register Please Call 503-224-4929

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