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How to Be Happy All the Time 


"If you want to be sad no one in the world can make you happy but if you make up your mind to be happy no one and nothing on earth can take that happiness from you." How to Be Happy All the Time, by Paramhansa Yogananda


       Most of us see happiness as a by-product of favorable circumstances in our lives - a rewarding job, an upcoming vacation, a new car or a promising romantic partnership. We see the favorable circumstance as the cause, and happiness as the effect. The flip side is that if the situation becomes unfavorable the happiness is lost. What Yogananda is asking of us is to make happiness a cause within our lives rather than just an effect.


         Happiness in Yogananda’s view is a dynamic stream of energy and joy that can transcend unfavorable circumstances. Don’t wait for your current circumstance to change before being happy right now. There is a powerful reason for this as illustrated beautifully in both the bestselling DVD, The Secret, and the bestselling new book by Esther and Jerry Hicks, The Law of Attraction. It is by being in the lighthearted and joyous state and thinking of those things we would like for our lives that we are most effective at attracting them. The universe is made of consciousness and energy. The predominant state of our consciousness will magnetize those people, situations and events into our lives that are in alignment with it. By the law of attraction like attracts like. Our consciousness, vibrating with the frequency of joy, magnetizes more joy into our lives. Don’t wait for your current circumstances to change before being happy because it is by being happy now that you can most effectively change your current circumstances.


           Do those things that bring you joy. Whether it is cooking or gardening, spending time with your cat or dog, hiking or skiing, making music or creating art, let joy be your guide. Good feelings beget more good feelings. Avoid what Yogananda calls “poisoned honey,” that which at first promises happiness but in the end brings only suffering.


           Most importantly develop an inner life to tap into the Divine joy within. Our innermost being, a reflection of joyous spirit is happiness itself. It is by sitting quietly and motionless in meditation that we begin to make contact with the joyous nature of our inner being. Once we make contact with that inner joy it begins to bubble up and permeate our awareness.

Blessings of Peace and Joy This Holiday Season!




Darlene & Jamey

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