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Kubera Tapas Fire Ceremony for Spiritual & Material Abundance


Atma Nambi, Sun. Sept. 2, 6-7:30pm, $25

Kubera Tapas is a fire ceremony to empower and enhance the spiritual and material aspects of life. Ancient masters received sounds in deep meditation that today we know as mantras. Mantras are incredible tools that can assist us in unlocking a natural state of prosperity. Fire has also been an essential element of ceremonies through the ages. Join with Atma Nambi for a evening of mantra and Kubera Tapas fire ceremony to powerfully uplift your life! Please bring one lemon and one coin to the ceremony. 


Atma Nambi, born in Tamil Nadu, South India, knew from an early age that he had the ability to know the potentialities of human beings. He worked with five different teachers to gain in-depth knowledge and wisdom about humanity. Atma Nambi’s powerfully healing and transformative work playfully and dynamically guides others to their natural state of consciousness. The meditation techniques and practices he shares are powerful, simple, and easy to use in each moment of everyday life.  For information on Atma Nambi’s Monday, September 3rd Satsang and Chakra Activations, as well as Personal Sessions and Kubera Tapas during his visit to Portland, please contact Aradhana at or 417-540-5626.

To Register Please Call 503-224-4929

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