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Entering the River Naked: Field Notes from the Feminine Wild


Ann Shannon, Sun. Nov. 11, 5:30-7pm, $15

Join local author Ann Shannon as she shares from the compelling arc of her life’s journey. Drawing from her new memoir, Entering the River Naked: Field Notes from the Feminine Wild, Ann will chronicle how she faced down her core of fear, failing marriage, and misery in her career before retreating to the forests of the Sierra Nevada. There, she began nightly sojourns through the woods that often last until dawn. As she lay claim to a majestic and tender new life that mirrors the ecstatic beauty of the Earth and sky around her, Shannon’s journals, dreams, and poetry leave a trail of exhilarating glimpses into the power of Nature and the unbridled feminine to inform and to heal.  Diving into the wreck of her life with a primal force akin to Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Adrienne Rich, and Susan Griffin, Shannon’s raw and intimate voice leaves us craving more accounts of other women stalking the most troublesome and tenacious impulses of the heart.   


Ann Shannon is a lifelong, eclectic student of mystical traditions, a mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother. She lives in Portland, Oregon.     

To Register Please Call 503-224-4929

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