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The Energy of Clutter/The Art of Organizing


Sherri Curley, Thurs. August 1, 7-8:30pm, $25
Our possessions carry physically and emotionally-charged energy.  Some positive, some negative, others neutral.  The more we amass, the heavier that weight is upon our surroundings and our well-being. Think about how you feel when you overeat.  Stuffed, ill, lethargic, heavy, weary, and guilty. Our productivity is tainted, and our emotions are laden. When our living and workspaces are saturated, it is difficult to work to our highest potential; it is laborious to find places and opportunities to relax. Cleaning up and clearing out the energy in our spaces is a gift we can give to ourselves. 


Sherri Curley, "The Practical Sort", is a home organizer, speaker, and organization motivator.  She adores helping others simplify life through personalized, practical, eco-friendly solutions.  She crafts weekly productivity and time saving tips, podcasts, videos and workshops at

To Register Please Call 503-224-4929

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