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Empath’s Toolkit


Martha Soria Sears, Fri. August 31, 6:30-8:30pm, $25

Martha believes that all of us are born psychic, and it is only the specific ability that differs. But everyone is born with the most basics of abilities, which is empathy.  Empathy is our most raw form of communications between living things. An empath can learn to communicate with people, animals, and nature. Unfortunately, the strongest communication is when one is in pain, anger, grief, or fear, because this is when our soul is calling out for help. You can say that our empathic ability is there to hear that cry for help, or to know when someone is in a bad state so that we can steer clear.Because empathy is the rawest form of communication, we often need a toolkit to make sense of what we are feeling and to respond appropriately; that is to not react with mood swings, or take on the physical or mental ailment we are exposed to. Learning to understand what we are sensing, process it, and take the next appropriate step is critical for the health and wellbeing of every empath.In this 2-hour workshop we will work through, in an experiential approach, how to recognize our empathic triggers and begin to assemble our empath’s toolkit. You will leave this workshop confidently knowing that you are ready to go into any situation and NOT lose yourself, or pick-up other’s mood or illness, or get distracted from what your path is. You will leave this workshop with a toolkit well in hand on how to navigate life as an Empath.  


Martha Soria Sears is an author, speaker, transformational coach, and a psychic. Since childhood Martha has been able to see Auras, work with Dreams, work with crystals, receive information from objects (Psychometry), see past lives that people have had, be a medium and channel, and heal with the help of her angels.

To Register Please Call 503-224-4929

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