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Three Keys to Creating True Connections: The Power of Embodied Communication for Your Relationships

Robyn Smith, Sun. Aug. 25, 2-4pm, $20
Are you ready to bust out of some old relationship habits that no longer serve you? If you’re frustrated in your relationships and not sure how to feel close, come learn how the teachings of yoga and embodied communication practices can help you to deepen your connection to yourself and others. You’ll learn how to communicate effectively so you can be heard, minimize arguments to enjoy more harmony, and bridge any distance so that you can cultivate a deeper connection.  By accessing your body intelligence, you can more easily shift into harmony.  You will get concrete practices you can apply in your relationships right away.

Robyn Smith is a body-centered relationship coach, certified yoga instructor, NARM practitioner (developmental trauma) and is trained in SkyDancing Tantra.  She offers online coaching, communication courses, and women’s coaching groups.

To Register Please Call 503-224-4929

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