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Creating Sacred Space


"Silence is the altar of the spirit." -Yogananda quoted from The Path by J. Donald Walters


In this era of intense activity, too much information and overwhelming stimulation, one craves silence and alone time. We want time just to be, to slow down, to meditate. We want to get in touch with the infinite source to know deep peace.


A small room completely dedicated for this purpose as a meditation room or temple is ideal. But if you do not have this luxury a corner of a bedroom partitioned with a screen will do just fine. Create an altar with a small table or even bricks and boards covered with a beautiful cloth. Choose pictures of saints or teachers who inspire you, crystals and gifts from nature such as shells, stones, feathers or fresh flowers. Keep your altar simple and clutter free.


Before praying or meditating in your "temple" take time to clear the energy by chanting a mantra such as Om, using incense of smudge or saying a prayer. It is also very important not to talk while in your meditation space--it will dissipate the vibration.


As you meditate over and over in this space a vibration will begin to build. Eventually you will be able to feel deep peace just by entering your sacred space and sitting down to meditate and others may also comment on feeling this vibration.


Ask us at New Renaissance to help you with ideas to create your sacred space. We have altar cloths, photos of the masters and saints, crystals, incense burners, meditation benches, cushions: all to help you create a perfect place to restore your energy and dive deep!


Namaste, Darlene and Jamey Potter

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