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Meet the Family:

The Court Cards of the Tarot

Ailynn Halvorson, Sat. Aug. 18, 11-1pm, $20

Discover the royalty of the Tarot! The Court Cards are often the most difficult to read within the Tarot, so let us embark on a meditative journey to meet these families and learn who are they and what their messages are for us. Which family do you feel a part of and what does this mean for your elemental makeup?  Each student will leave with exercises to work on at home as well as recommendations for further study. Please bring your own Tarot deck for discovery! 

New Ren reader Ailynn Halvorson has been guided by the Tarot for over 40 years. Her joy is teaching the secrets she has learned as well as continuously learning from all her students. Ailynn is also an aromatherapist and creator of the line of aromatherapy sprays called The Queens of Tarot. Check New Renaissance’s reader calendar for Ailynn’s Tarot reading dates.

To Register Please Call 503-224-4929

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