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Connect to Nature and Get Happy: A Special Evening with Hannah McQuilkan

Hannah McQuilkan, Mon. June 24, 7-8:30pm, $20

Would you like to wake up with joy and excitement? Would you like to have a relationship to this planet that makes you happy every day?  In a world experiencing much suffering and despair, New Zealand based practitioner Hannah McQuilkan spreads the deep joy and peace that comes when we awaken to our innate, primal and wondrous connection to Planet Earth and all the beings who share her with us.  During this presentation you will discover the joy of nature connection and how to connect for health and well being. We will look at what nature connection is, the proven health benefits of being in nature and how the practice of Forest Therapy can assist you on this path. Hannah will guide you through some sensory activities that will leave you feeling relaxed and at peace. You will discover the true source of joy and how your connection to this planet and all life upon it will support you in discovering your passion and purpose.  


Hannah is Naturopath, Shamanic Healer and Forest Therapy Guide. With 18 years experience in the wellness industry she’s tried it all and is certain that one of the most overlooked areas for wellbeing is the simple art of nature connection. Hannah runs transformative nature connection events and offers breakthrough shamanic healing sessions in NZ and the USA. Warm, open and engaging, Hannah will gently support you in coming home to yourself and relating to the world around you in a new invigorated way.

To Register Please Call 503-224-4929

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