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Bhakti Yoga: The Vedic Practice of Loving Devotion with Storytelling and Kirtan

Bhaktivedanta Damodara Maharaja

Thurs. July 25, 6:30-8:30pm, $10

Beyond the differences that divide us — nationality, religion, gender, race, appearance, health, or illness — lies the common essential quality we all share: the soul’s inherent ability to love. Bhakti Yoga is an all-encompassing and non-sectarian philosophy that can be practiced by anyone of any culture. Bhakti is divine spiritual love, a state anyone can enter into through kirtan, or chanting the names of God. Everyone is welcome to experience this philosophy and uplifting evening of chant under the guidance of Bhaktivedanta Damodara Maharaja.  


Bhaktivedanta Damodara Maharaja has been studying Bhakti Yoga for over 25 years under the guidance of his spiritual teachers in Vrindavan, India. Born in Sydney, Australia, BV Damodara Maharaja bought a one-way ticket to India at the age of 19, which led him to a mystical experience and entryway into the Vedic path. He now travels, sharing ancient Vedic knowledge to seekers all over the world.

To Register Please Call 503-224-4929

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