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Being Positive In A Negative World

Michael Sheehan, Sun. Sept. 23, 11-1pm, $30

Being a positive person is the most important and powerful thing you can do to help yourself, your loved ones, your community and the world. This workshop will show you how to get positive and stay that way – for good reasons. You’ll see why our individual and collective futures look bright. You’ll learn practices to keep your own energy strong and clear. You’ll discover how to take charge of your own life and how to be instrumental in midwifing a new, positive reality on Earth. You’ll understand how to deal with negative people. Free yourself from the narrow negative story that directs people’s attention toward despair, and grasp the wider truth of the wonderful future in store for us all! 


A true metaphysician, Michael Sheehan’s broad education and experience include shamanism, mysticism, eastern and western philosophy, world religions, astrology and over thirty years experience with Tarot. Michael has been a professional spiritual advisor for 30 years. He co-founded the Langley Mystery School with astrologer Gretchen Lawlor and has taught many Tarot classes and seminars in Oregon, Washington and online.

To Register Please Call 503-224-4929

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