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2020 Vision: Setting Expansive Intentions for a Unique Year

Mark Mezadourian

Sat. Jan.18, 11-1pm, $25
In the absence of a vision for our lives, we merely react. Visioning focuses our attention on what we want, not how or when it will happen. The clarity of our intention opens doors. In this workshop, we will consciously interrupt old patterns, then set specific intentions for safety, wellness, love, abundance and purpose in 2020. We’ll take the additional step of asking angels and guides for support and guidance. The immediate results of this process are confidence, clear action steps and peace of mind.

Mark Mezadourian is a medium and intuitive specializing in connecting with angels and guides. He created the nine-week DailyOM course Angelic Infusions: Live the Truth of Who You Are and the Attract Your Divine Partner online course. Mark offers private intuitive readings, workshops, weekly calls and classes.

To Register Please Call 503-224-4929

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