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2020: The Grand Alignment


Kelly Davidson

Sat. September 22, 7-8:30pm, $18

This summer we begin to feel the influence of the coming grand alignment of Pluto, Saturn, and Jupiter in the late degrees of Capricorn. We find ourselves at the precipice of a new foundation for a new age. The last time these three planets aligned in Capricorn was 1285, which was followed by the Renaissance Period. Astrologer Kelly Davidson believes we will experience a New Renaissance era, and with this grand alignment from March to December in 2020 usher in the age of Aquarius. Pluto brings transformation, Jupiter expansion, and Saturn durability and stability. Participants will come away with a road map as the grand alignment foretells what the individual’s major area of responsibility for a lifetime, society and the planet.  Please join us to learn more about how the grand alignment affects you personally and for a look out at how it might play out in our nation. 


**If you would like your chart looked at in class, please email your birth information

(date, exact time, location) to Kelly at**


Kelly Davidson has been a student of Western Astrology for over 42 years. She specializes in predictive work and helping clients discover their Soul purpose. She believes that everyone came in with a Map, the birth chart, to help guide them through the mysteries of their life.

To Register Please Call 503-224-4929

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