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Uranus in Taurus:

Integrate the Shift with an Experiential Astrology Workshop & Sacred Cacao Ceremony

David Anthony Wood and Danny Lampton

Sun. August 26, 2-5pm, $33

Experience the entrance of Uranus into Taurus in your own life with astrologers David Wood and Danny Lampton in an afternoon of learning, guided meditation, grounding cacao ceremony, and intuitive guidance tailored to your chart’s wisdom. The intention of this workshop is to awaken to Uranus’ messages and activations in the Taurean realm of the physical and material for an integration of its energies in mind, body, and soul.


Please email your birth information

(date, time, location) to David at

if you would like your chart to be looked at in class.


David Anthony Wood is a mystic, intuitive astrologer, and pioneer of holistic, 21st-century Evolutionary Astrology. His Soul-centered practice, began in 2011, is founded on a direct, spiritual communion with the planets of our solar system and the universal language of the Zodiac. David shares from this deep well in the form of readings, classes, and weekly forecasts, which can be followed on his Facebook page and in the New Renaissance email newsletter.  


Danny Lampton is an Evolutionary Astrologer with his MBA in Sustainable Systems. Danny shares music, perspective and client services that weave Astrology with Energy Psychology to deliver a unique form of healing that’s both deeply personal and societally urgent.

To Register Please Call 503-224-4929


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